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Oh NO!!! Ellen! You are a champion of rescue, a champion. I have known you since you first joined here and followed all of your hurdles and storeis. There is nobody as wonderful or as loving as you with this huge brood you have. You are truly selfless. I recall Peachy dearly. I'm so stunned. I'm so sorry, my dear. You must be feeling so numb, yes. Please PM me if there's anything you need, and I will send it. Your Peachy and the others must've been needed in a hurry for them to get all called up to the Bridge like they did - maybe they needed to foster other young ones there to find there way. All their spirits will be watching over you, Ellen, you are a brave, brave, totoally giving soul. (((((Hugs)))
peace & love to you
Elizabeth & Eric
Sammy, Saba
RIP Sasha SiSi , Freddie, KittyG.
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I have just seen this thread. how terrible for you and your babies, I cannot even imagine the pain you are feeling. Lots of prayers and vibes for you and your family from me and mine.
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I'm very sorry for your loss, we too had an outbreak of Distemper in our first fosters, a litter of six 4-week olds, and we lost them all.
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I'm still hanging in there.... somehow...haven't lost any more friends in the last couple days...what a relief...
After finding my little bird dead, I called the avian vet's office where I've taken my birds, and asked them about the distemper affecting my birds..they said it was species related..only affecting felines....
My budgie (parakeet) Lucky Stars was a very highly strung, individual..not hand tame...I'd had him for three years or so....upon examination, he seemed alarmingly thin....I don't know if he had a disease/condition...and didn't have $300 for a necropsy...that's what an avian one cost me previously...
He'd shared that large cage with a couple female budgies for a good while....either they weren't letting him feed enough...note, I didn't see any fighting....or he had an underlying problem...
Regardless, I didn't pick up that something was going on with him...too much else falling down around my ears...not a good excuse, though.....
I'm still missing my other five friends enormously....driving in the car is hard..my mind wanders ...difficult to think of them...and also crying in the shower seems to be commonplace...
The remaining herd members, feline and avian, seem fine..the kitties did much better with their five way shots than I expected, though I can't catch some ferals...
Princess Violet Isabella Valentine, a DLH dark shaded grey and white kitty, is feeling a bit off from it, at least that's all I hope it is..she's eating, etc...just lackluster...
I'm finally off the next three days...no standing at a cash register!!!! Am going to an artists' meeting in Richmond tomorrow a.m. ...maybe my mind can switch off awhile about my lost animal children....I miss them sooooooo much...
Pats to your friends,
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I hope that your other friends are in good health after your sad losses. Perhaps Princess Valentine should see a vet before obvious symptoms appear. No sense taking chances.

Good luck
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Princess Violet is feeling much better today...she was just off due to getting her booster shot, I believe....only two out of the Herd acted tired/off after getting boostered.....besides Violet, the other was The Crashman...thank goodness he's totally back to normal too...

Violet offered to me some attitude today, thus she's on the road to normalcy (for her) ...she doesn't appreciate my brushing/combing her long hair...will only allow it around her face and neck...go figure...I persist in negotiating with her on this...not to worry, she's not a mass of mats at all...just wish she'd let me comb her out!!

The birds are all acting just fine too....I'm almost scared to think things might be moving into a "non-tragedy" mode...kind of gunshy now..that something awful's just around the bend.....will try to keep the faith....

I miss Mick, Peachy, and the S'mores sooooo much......

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Originally Posted by ellentheartist View Post
I miss Mick, Peachy, and the S'mores sooooo much......Ellen
Here is a hug. ((((hugs))))
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I lost two kittens last year to something that sounds similiar to your experience.Three kittens from the same litter got very ill very fast. Two kittens(which I kept)surrived. One had to be put to sleep after it started bleeding out on us.We lost an almost six month old kitten we had within 24 hours of it getting ill. All had benn vacinated. It turned out to be panlukeopenia.(sp)Check it out, because the virus can only be killed off surfaces with bleach.This meant no kittens in the house for at least one year.
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