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Tragic update....Peachy Keen...

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Remember Peachy Keen, my gorgeous dilute tortie longhaired diva kitty??? Her bloodwork the end of Sept was GREAT for an AIDS kitty, but very late one Sunday evening, two weeks ago, she started having seizures and I rushed her to the emergency vet...she was seizing there too and I had to make the decision to have her humanely euthanized....I stayed with her of course...she's at peace now....hard to take as my beloved papillon (a pound rescue), Mickey Mouse, had to be euthanized on Sept 28th due to inoperable cancer and his asthma was worsening alot....

Then the following started happening four days after Peachy's death...read on....

My three six months old foster kittens began to act sick....high fevers and dehydrated...all cats are indoors, may I add....I'd named them Graham, Marshmallow, and Hershey Bar....had had them for maybe two months without a single sneeze....

They got subcutaneous fluids and meds at the vet and were seemingly normal in 24 hrs..the vet thought they were just coming down with a respiratory infection....

Two of my adult cats began sneezing....

Hershey Bar crashed again on me on Tuesday evening..another trip to the vet ER.....fluids, etc...he took a turn even worse the next a.m. and had to be euthanized.....

I brainstormed with multiple vets...friends, and anyone and everyone on the situation and what to do for the remaining kittens...
My precious, two remaining foster kittens, Graham and Marshmallow, were humanely euthanized yesterday evening....their virus, some type of feline distemper, had gone farther in damaging them..they were vomitting alot and had just begun to pass blood...drooling alot...so pathetic....I couldn't let the monster devouring their little bodies torment them further.....I'd been giving them subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics....but their conditions took a rapid downturn by yesterday evening...they were absorbing 100ml of subcutaneous fluids at an alarming rate...

I've NEVER dealt with something so awful as the virus they had...looking back in chronological time, it had to be that something rode back with me from the emergency vet, maybe on the carrier I'd carried Peachy Keen in, the night she had to be euthanzied..the incubation time would've been correct....

So, I had to dig a double grave and bury two more little friends...I was with them at the end of their lives...these kittens LOVED to put their whole faces into my hand...odd trait, so I made sure this was the last sensation they had and they could smell my scent....

They were so precious and had come so far in their socializing....were feral four month olds when I got them....especially Graham who had been the wildest by far and ended up the most tame....he'd pass up canned cat food, begging me to pick him up and carry him around...absolutely enchanting personality...and Marshmallow was so gentle and sweet....Hershey Bar was put down on Wednesday morning...he and I were still making friends....he was a lovely kitten also...a spotted brown tabby....

I worked with FOUR vet clinics, trying everything possible to save them....the vets were very surprised at the strength of this virus....there were NO new kitties brought into my place...something rode in....and got to my kittens...

So please, let this be a lesson to you....please booster your kitties vaccines if they are overdue....or what happened to my little friends could devastate your life too...my vaccines had expired and I STUPIDLY kept forgetting to buy new ones....STUPID!!!!!

I've never, in all my decades of animal handling, had to deal with something this hideous....

Today, I bought booster vaccines and will be vaccinating the remaining kitties tomorrow...per vet's instructions....hope the monster virus doesn't kill more of them....burying five friends since Sept 28 is beyond description...my dog, Mickey Mouse had inoperable cancer and asthma, my gorgeous kitty, Peachy Keen had a brain tumor related to her FIV disease that she came here with, then the kittens who got the enteritis virus from my taking Peach to be put to sleep....my brain is numb right now....

Please pray for my kitties and for me,
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I am sorry for your loss. I wonder if there was something else going on there or something. I only ever vaccinate cats one time and that is it. Well to be more specific, all kitten shots up to one dose of adult shots. Vaccines last many many years. I have seen too many cats and kittens get sick from over vaccinating. I don't know, it is a tough one. I still will not vaccinate more then once though.
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OMG!!! I am so very sorry for your losses.I can't imagine loosing that many babies.Many prayers coming your way.
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How tragic for you Ellen. Thoughts and prayers for you during this terrible time.

I assume you are thoroughly cleaning everything they came in contact with and sanitizing your home to get rid of anything left around.
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I am so sorry You have such a big heart to do so much for our furbabies. Best wishes with the rest of your babies.
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I've NEVER dealt with something so awful as the virus they had...looking back in chronological time, it had to be that something rode back with me from the emergency vet, maybe on the carrier I'd carried Peachy Keen in, the night she had to be euthanzied..the incubation time would've been correct....

That's awful! I am very sorry for what you have done through.

You hit a very sensitive topic. I've been talking to a friend and her daughter who is a vet and I was told that it's possible to carry a nasty virus home and infect perfectly healthy cats. The virus could be on our clothing, hair, shoes. A careless vet could infect a healthy cat by not using a sterilized rectal termomether or by not wiping clean the examination table, I was told. Also, with plenty of people carrying sick pets into the vet's office there are plenty of opportunities for viruses to become airborne (aerosoling) and being inhaled by other pets.

Even us, humans, are exposed to the same risks. It just takes a sneeze from someone very sick to infect us with a pulmonary disease.

Again, all depends on how well the inmune system responds to a virus. In the case of the virus that mutates and turns into FIP, even a cat with a strong inmune system could sucumb. In fact, sometimes, it's the fight that the animal's inmune system puts up what makes him more vulnerable, I was told.

May God comfort you on your loses. You did all you could and you can't be absolutely sure that you brought a virus home. If you did, it wasn't your intention or fault. I heard through my friend of a case when a person who owned a ragdoll cattery in Georgia visited a friend who had several cats in her home. The poor creatures were all wiped out by FIP. Months later, the cattery owner realized that she had infected her friend's cats by wearing the same clothing she had on when she was cleaning and dumping litter from infected cats litter boxes. She, ultimately, closed the cattery's doors.

Cats, believe it or not, are not tough pets; they are very delicate and prone to lots of diseases. I love them, though.

At this point, I don't know if talking to my friend's daughter did me right or wrong. It made me nervous, that's for sure but, I think, we all cat lovers can benefit from learning some of the facts and taking precautions.
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I am so sorry to hear about all your losses. I can't even begin to imagine how painful this must be. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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I am so sorry for your loss this is absolutely horrifying! God Bless you and the rest of your remaining kitties.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss....you're in my thoughts & prayers.

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My heart was just breaking while reading that.
I lost my tortie girl, JC, to distemper a few months ago. I forgot to vaccine her as well...
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I can't even imagine what you're going though.

May time erase the pain of their passing and leave only the happiest memories.
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I am so sorry. I lost a friend too, five weeks ago, my precious Napoleon, from poison. It is horrific to watch those we love suffer and know there is nothing we can do but put them out of their pain.
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OMG! That's horrible!!! I'm soooo sorry to hear about all of your babies

I have 2 kitties. One is going to be 15 years in January, the other is 8 years. I got them all of their initial shots, but because they are both indoor kitties and not around any other pets, I haven't bothered with further vaccines for either of them.

Your post has given me cause to rethink that.

At the moment I don't have the funds to take either of them in, but I wonder if because I'm an RN they would release the pre-drawn up vaccines for me to administer to them myself at home. I removed Chynna's sutures after her spay. I think Abby's were "dissolving". But giving shots to a cat can't be any worse than trying to give a needle to a confused, highly aggressive adult human!
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I am so very sorry to hear this, i can't imagine how awful it must be.
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The tragic loss of your kitties must hurt to to core of your being.
I want to thank you for sharing what happened.
It is an important reminder that we need to be vigilant about the spread of viruses.

I pray that the others kitties will be OK and am sending vibes of strength & hope to you Ellen.

RIP sweet babies
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Yes, you can bet I've been disinfecting everything I can think of...for days....since the kittens first got sick...I'm going through mountains of paper towels and am off my retail job today and will be here cleaning....

The kittens got sick four days after I took Peachy Keen to the emergency vet....I will be calling them to please ask that they totally disinfect the room we were in especially...so no one else gets this...although I suppose the very air in the place is contaminated too....

Whenever I take an animal to a vet from now on, I'll bring my own bottle of fresh Nolvasan disinfectant and spray down their exam table...and any floor or chair too if I have to set my carrier there...

My wonderful vet friend, Dr. Valerie Johnson, another devoted cat person, who thankfully was filling in at the nearby clinic on Friday p.m. told me she's known of distemper to kill even vaccinated cats...if it's a strong form of the virus....no vaccine is perfect.....the fact that I'd dragged my feet/stupidly forgot to bring home the vaccs will eat at me until the day I die....no matter what anyone tells me....the not knowing....

Friday, I vaccinated two of my kitties who live elsewhere in this big, rambling house, The Crashman and Roy Orbison Gato....The Crashman is a livewire...a piece of work, as they say....a red tabby with white chest and legs...Roy is a blind (from Glaucoma) enormous classic brown tabby Maine coon cat....with a lot of charm and suave demeanor....also a piece of work....

As I mentioned, I boostered them on Friday p.m. after having the kittens put down.....used a five way vaccine...today, Roy is just fine....Crash is acting very off since yesterday afternoon....it's Sunday and I have to call my vet friend, Valerie, and see if it's her opinion that Crash's just feeling bad from the vaccine....pray with me that this is so.....please....

As yes, and the local bank has messed up my checking account...didn't put in a deposit I left in the nighttime drop box and has charged me a total of $140 in overdraft fees!@%^^&&&!!!!! Just more trouble....I'm off tomorrow and will be asking them, what's going on with this?????

Please, everyone, continue to pray for me.....I need every scrap of prayer and positive vibes that I can get....

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Ellen, my heart goes out to you. What a horrible experience. I'm keeping that your other cats will be fine.
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The Crashman is still feeling yukky after his booster vaccine...hopefully all it is....Roy is his usual jolly self....

I called my vet at home and she said Crash's likely feeling this way just due to the vaccine....

I asked her if I should NOT use a vaccine with modified live and killed components, that is, should I just use a totally killed vaccine on the kitties who were in direct contact with the kittens...she said probably that would be a good thing to do, use a killed vaccine....

So, I've 14 doses of MLK five way vaccines that will not be used and I will get some totally killed on the double...I have another source to get those from...just didn't want to push the kitties' immune systems too far after seeing how the MLK vaccine has stressed the Crashman's system.....yeesh....

Oh, and I found my deposit envelope, forgot to put that one in the nightdrop for my bank...so one thing in my checking account that didn't get messed up...still am going over there tomorrow to see why some charges are on my account...don't add up, pardon the banking pun..

This past week was beyond sad..beyond awful....mindnumbing...

Anyone looking to booster their kitties vaccines might want to consult their vet about using a killed vaccine....

Have you had experience using one type of vaccine over the other??? MLK versus killed, that is....

I'll be disinfecting again all day today...vet said use a 1 to 30 parts bleach and water spray....I confirmed that with another source...will use that too, in addition to my regularly used Nolvasan....

I miss my kittens so..they were trapped at about four months of age....feral...they weren't taming down fast enough for their foster mother at the time, and she wanted them gone..she'd had them maybe two weeks...she hadn't fostered before and was in over her head....they were going to be euthanized if I didn't take them..

So, I got them two months ago..and quarantined them for over two weeks...got them fixed and rabies (but said I'd give vaccs myself, STUPID!!!) at the SPCA clinic..

No sneezing at all, the healthiest kittens I'd ever gotten in...beautiful, slick haircoats...very vital....

After hissing and spitting at me from their large pet porter for weeks, one day, Graham seemed to say to me, "Ellen, I LOOOOVE you, will you pick me up?????".

Well, I was stunned...a five months-ish feral kitten doing such a rapid turnaround was very weird.....

Thus began the holding and cuddling of my precious Graham.....he adored the big kitties too....I'd say to him, are you the same hissing, spitting growling kitten that I got a few weeks ago?? And he'd throw himself at me to be held, purring and saying, "Ellen, I LOOOVE you....".

Marshmallow adored being petted on his side....adored it..and as I mentioned before, they all seemed drawn to burying their faces totally in my hand...like hiding their faces..most unusual.....

I miss them so....my little S'mores brothers.....sad......it's so quiet without them....

I called the emergency clinic to give them a heads up on the strength of the virus I've had here...they assured me they bleach the rooms down throughly on a daily basis...

I'm not assigning blame, just wanted to warn them....whatever it is, it's a super-strong virus.....my vet agrees with me on this.....a very daunting opponent....

I'm going to get the killed vaccines tomorrow....wish me luck with vaccinating Empress Cleopatra von Pittypats...the queen diva.....once before, she was IMPOSSIBLE to vaccinate and she was inside a pillowcase!!!! Yeesh....

Pray for my kitties and me, please.. I need it...

Keeper of the Herd
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Ellen -

There are no words that I can possibly dream up to comfort you right now. I lost 11 cats in a short time a few years back then lost 60 pounds from grief because I couldn't stop from kicking myself. I got thru it because I kept reminding myself of what my mother taught me: everything happens for a reason (good or bad). Eventually I learned the meaning but that took a very long time.

Don't make any hard decisions right now. Take the advice of the vet you are most confident in. You will be distracted and won't be able to concentrate. Force yourself to take time for yourself and try to relax, as hard as that may be. A warm soaking bath does wonders.

With a tear in my eye for you and your babies, I'm sending the strongest possible healing vibes in your direction. Your pain is extreme and you will be in my thoughts.
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Oh, I am so sorry! How horrible for you to have to deal with all of this!
***hugs*** Are you doing ok today?
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Ellen, the shelter here had distemper go through. We had one cat, a healthy adult, that we euthnazied as he was dying from distemper. He was fully vaccinated by the vet we use. I'm sorry you lost so many of your babies so soon. It's tough, but they were loved when they died, & you were there for them until the end.
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More hugs & calming vibes for you and your precious kitties Ellen. ((((hugs))))
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How awful!!!

Please be gentle with yourself and take a lot of time to recover from this series of tragedies. You deserve some serious good fortune and more than that, and abundance of love right now. Here's a cyber hug from me.
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How crusingly sad to lose sweet Mickey, then Peachy Keen. And the final blow, to lose the S'mores brothers.

I have fostered feral kittens, too, and they become so sweet when they finally tame! To have to deal with their deaths just after losing Mickey and Peachy...too much!

I lost Gar's brother to distemper. Such an ugly illness. At the time I had 2 barn cats who were not up to date on vaccinations...and I dump kitty litter out in my pasture. Somehow, shortly after Odie died of distemper, both of my barn cats disappeared. I have a feeling I exposed them to distemper, by not keeping them up on vaccinations. (I thought they lasted, too.) And by fostering distemper kittens, and dumping the germs out where my kitties were exposed. (Sorry, Scout and Angel!)

So what do we do with the guilt? First, I realize that guilt and grief are often intertwined, so it is not unusual to experience them together. Second....it is one thing to let go of nebulous guilt, but when you can connect the dots and discover it was probably your action that led to disaster....that can be harder. However, all I was doing was trying to save kitties. I had no idea that saving one kitten (Gar) would cost two lives. Just as you had not idea taking Peachy to the vet would cost 3 lives.

You did not kill the S'mores. You saved them, and loved them, and tamed them, and cared for them. All your actions were rooted in your love for them, even before you met them.

I learned from my summer of distemper, as I am learning from your post. Knowledge will help all the TCS family protect many kitties in the future.

Please be gentle with yourself as you go through this dark time. Keep posting your feelings here, so your TCS friends can continue to offer you support. Feel free to PM me.
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Found one of my pet budgies (parakeets) dead at bottom of his large cage this morning...hope he didn't get affected by the same virus that got my kittens....the bird vet's office said they didn't think this would happen...just another sad coincidence......the sixth little friend to go...I feel like I'm being tested.....sigh.............

Pats to your critters,
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Oh no, that is awful..Poor thing..I am sorry
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I'm so sorry for all of your losses. I do remember how special Peachy Keen was. I hope everything starts looking up for you.
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Oh, no! How terrible for you! ****prayers****

Originally Posted by ellentheartist View Post
Found one of my pet budgies (parakeets) dead at bottom of his large cage this morning...hope he didn't get affected by the same virus that got my kittens....the bird vet's office said they didn't think this would happen...just another sad coincidence......the sixth little friend to go...I feel like I'm being tested.....sigh.............

Pats to your critters,
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If you think that this might be a contagious condition I'd get all your pets to the vet at once, and maybe have a postmortem on the dead bird. It's grim, but it may be the only way to save your remaining pets.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post

I'm so sorry for all of your losses. I do remember how special Peachy Keen was. I hope everything starts looking up for you.
what a sad time for you! do let us know about your feathered friend.
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