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Question for the Moms and Dads out there (or others who might know!)

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My best friend is expecting a baby in late January. According to her ultrasound it's a girl. But random people have told her they think it's a boy so they've gone and gotten her all scared and nervous. She just finished the nursery mural and has all the bedding and that stuff has been hard to come by for them! (They are overseas)

So I'm trying to ease her worried mommy mind. For thoes of you who chose to learn your babie's gender, were they right or wrong? I only know of one case where they were wrong, and that person found out before hand anyway.

A poll will follow momentarily....
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My best friend's firstborn was not real cooperative during the U/S. the technician, though, was 95% certain it was a girl. . .

His name is William Robert

All the baby books I've read so far say that the U/S may be a good way to tell, but it's still only an "educated guess." (the only sure bet is amniocentesis w/genetic profiling) I hope I'm more fortunate in two weeks when I have my ultrasound done!!!!

Sorry, not trying to add fuel to the fire!!
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I have several friends who's kids were awful modest during the u/s. So they couldn't tell. My friend worked for the dr who's office did the ultrasound. I thought she said they were sure then.
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From the 5 people I know who have kids in the last couple of years, all of them were identified correctly, although my sister had to find out at a later ultrasound as the first time they checked he wasn't being very cooperative.

My other sister is *supposed* to have a girl, so I will let you know in a week or so if that one is correct
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The only one of my kids that wouldn't hold still for them was my Daughter.So, they told me "they were fairly sure the baby was a girl"Of course she was!!!
With all 3 of my boys, it was VERY obvious they were boys.One was peeing,one was playing with his *boy parts* and the other was spread Eagle during my ultrasound scans.
So, they were right for every one of mine.
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I had ultrasounds for 3 of my four kids, and they told us the correct gender. And as the baby gets older, when they check, it is totally obvious, unless baby is turned wrong or something. Just reassure her that at the later ultrasounds it will be extremely obvious, and she can see for herself!
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I would trust an ultrasound more than well meaning friends saying "you're carrying the weight in front which means it's a boy", or whatever...
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Unless one was a high-risk pregnancy, ultrasounds weren't routine during m pregnancies but, they were bang-on, with my DIL's. I was present, when the ultrsound sexed the twins and the kids called me, when they found out about Mia.
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Ultra Sounds are pretty accurate in determining gender of the baby.

As a matter of fact some countries rely heavily on ultra sounds for gender selection. Countries such as China and India use it due to the cultural preference of boys; in addition, China has a One Child Policy (and then the woman is sterilized); a daughter is seen as a drain on the family, while a boy is seen as a provider and someone to care for the parents when they are elderly, so that also accounts for the high number of abandoned baby girls in orphanages. Girls are hidden and left at orphanages and the couple try again to have a baby boy.
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My step-daughter's ultrasounds were right on the money each time - all boys!
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They told me I was having three boys and three boys I had!

Everyone told me my last baby was going to be a boy by the way I carried and how low he sat but the Ultra sound said a boy and a boy is what I had!
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With my son, the doc was about 95% he was a boy. With my daughter, the same thing. I just always believed the sonograms were correct, snd they were.
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When I was preggers I had 2 ultra sounds. At the first one I asked if they could sex the baby and he had his legs crossed so they couldn't say for sure but the lady said she thought she saw boy parts. Then at the next one, I asked again and they said for sure boy.

Now I have a 3 and half year old boy Telaryn
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
Just reassure her that at the later ultrasounds it will be extremely obvious, and she can see for herself!
everyone I know that has found out the sex have all been correct.

we didnt find out as we wanted a surprise and will do the same if we have anymore
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I'm passing along all of your comments to the worried mom-to-be!

Know what the funny thing about all this is? SHE'S A NURSE! And before she moved she worked for the dr whose office did the sonogram!
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We knew Brandon was a boy. He was not shy
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