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not eating as much..

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Can cats change their appetite due to the weather? I'm in Maryland and the weather has gotten a bit cold lately. We have the heater on as normal and it's not too cold in our house.

We have noticed that Keeba hasn't eaten as much food as she usually does. It started maybe around Thursday. She'll go over by her food dish and eat for a second and then walk away. She also threw up on Wednesday and Thursday.. but has not thrown up since. Thursday she didn't really touch her food.. so Friday we emptied it out, cleaned the bowl and gave her some fresh food. She still barely touched it and it's still sitting in her dish as of today. I gave her some canned wet food today to see if that would spark up her appetite - she went over to it and licked it for awhile, which was good I suppose. She has been drinking a lot (but that is nothing new..she loves her water and plays in it as well!). She is a very hyper kitten and her energy has not changed at all. I'm just worried about her not eating. She has a vet appointment on the 11th for her Rabies shot.

Anyone know what could be the problem? I have a turtle as well and know that when seasons/weather changes his appetite and behavior does as well...... not sure if this is the same with cats??
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I can't say for certain, but we were installing a new furnace yesterday and today, so we didn't have heat (only space heaters and an electric blanket) since yesterday morning. My eldest didn't want to do anything but lay in bed (especially on the electric blanket) until the furnace was up and running and the house was a normal temperature again a few hours ago. She barely ate yesterday and today, until just now. She had me worried, since she has serious health problems, but she's back to herself now that the temperature is back where it belongs.

She's also very fussy and won't eat the last 1/4 of any can of cat food. Doesn't matter if it was just opened the day before, the last scoop of food isn't up to her standards.
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well, maybe some cats just have their days in which they don't want to eat. Strange.

I did just take out a few pieces of food out of her bowl and put them on the floor and she ate a little bit of them and then drank her water. I really hope she is okay. Her appetite has always been great up until now. We give her half Eagle Pack kitten chicken and brown rice and half Science Diet kitten formula.
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Please watch your kitty carefully. They can get hepatic lipidosis so quickly. I know from experience. I just paid $500 for one of my cats to be in the hospital for 2 days to get IV fluids and IV antibiotics etc. Don't let him go anymore then 2 days if eating very little or none at all.
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was your cat lethargic at all? Keeba has been very active.. just isn't really interested in eating. She's only 3 months old..and I'm really concerned. Should I wait until the 11th for the appointment or call the vet before hand?

Any other thoughts of what it could be? Can weather do this??
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I would get her to the vet to ease your mind. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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was your cat lethargic at all?
My girl is 18 and has kidney and heart failure. As long as she walks with her tail up and rubs her face on something, I call it "active."

If your cat's behavior concerns you, call the vet. That's what they're there for.

One thing my vet told me, and amount may be specific to my cat, but she'd need a bare minimum of 2 tsp food a day to keep her liver going. Obviously, more than that is better, but less than that, and I'd syringe feed her.
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The vet is closed today.. so we'd have to wait for tomorrow - unless we called the emergency vets. We tried wetting her dry food and all she did was lick the water off of the food. She threw up again today. She is extremely active and her usual self - she just isn't eating. We gave her wet canned food and all she does is lick the moisture off of it. She meows by her food and gets excited when I go to pour the food in her bowl... but then she walks away. I tried her favorite Pounce treats and she came running, sniffed it, and walked away.

It's driving me crazy.

Also.. we tried checking her poop, but she has Arm & Hammer Easy Flush litter and it clumbs things, so it's really hard to see what color her poop even is... any thoughts on that or suggestions?
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I would take her to the vet first thing tomorrow, unless she's back to normal by then. She might just be having a hard time with the change in the weather, but it could also be any number of illnesses. If she were mine, I would want to have her checked over by the vet.
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I work at 6:30am... vet doesn't open until 8am. So my boyfriend will call them and see if Keeba can come in Monday either while he is home or when I get home. Hopefully they'll be able to see soon.

I have the emergency vets number on hand in case something extreme happens tonight. She still has her energy (which is good).. she just won't eat.
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