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Bobby Coughing

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My 2 year old Sir Bobbles, my baby with cerebellar hypoplasia has been coughing for a few days now. I haven't been tooooooo concerned because he only does it once a day he has a small fit 4 or 5 coughs or so. but it seems kind of rpugh on him when it happens. My husband and I had to leave indianapolis to go to milwaukee WI for tonight and I was concerned so I brought him with us. I just wanted to know what you guys would do. Should I wait to see if he gets other symptoms or take him to the vet when we get home...

I am a freak about worrying like bigtime!! I have never really had a cat get sick before I have been lucky. just give me some advice please.
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Is he coughing and gagging? Is it a hard cough? Does it sound like there is fluid?

It is good you took him with you, if you get anymore concerned give a vet a call and see what they say.

If he doesn't get any worse, then wait till you get home and then call your vet.
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i dont think he is coughing and gagging. maybe even more like coughing and sneezing. a couple of times it did sound like a person trying to cough something out but he hasnt coughed anything out in fact he hasnt even ever had a hairball in his life!
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Hummmmm, well I would just keep an eye on him. Obviously I know that if his symptoms get worse, you will take care of them, but I wouldn't worry too much.

Enjoy your time away from home.
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