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business casual?

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The place that I start on Wednesday (Yes, I'm still going to the insurance interview, but will still start the other on Wednesday, in case the other one doesn't come thru.) is business casual, and that's not even really business casual. On Fridays, the lady said it's casual (shorts as long as they dont offend people, jeans, etc). During the weekday, she said its business casual. I had on some nice trouser pants and a nice black shirt, which I asked if that would be acceptable, and she said sure. She said some even wear jeans w/ a nice shirt, or khakis. Is wearing a skirt with a nice shirt, without panty hose, considered business casual? I saw a few skirts at Target that I tried on and like them. They hit a little before the knee (not a mini skirt that is short). I guess on Monday, I could always call her up and ask her, huh!?
I went to a Big Kmart today and bought some nice pants ...... they are made by the Jacklyn Smith collection. They zip on the side and look really nice on me. I bought 1 pair of black & 1 pair of hunter green and bought a white shirt. It beats going to the mall sometimes, where you can spend a lot on clothes. I only spent $35.00 on 3 things! Target has a lot of cute stuff, too..
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Firstly....good luck with the new job & interview! Hope it all works out for you. (whichever one you choose!!!)

A skirt without pantyhose is completely acceptable here. Our regulation is 4" above the knee (maximum) They don't accept mini skirts. Slip on a pair of nice "dress" sandals and it looks great.

Our business casual does not allow jeans at all. Wish it would!!!!

We are allowed cords and any other non-jean material pants.

Kmart closed it's doors here in Cornwall but I used to love that store. Great clothes and great prices.

Sounds like you got a good deal for some nice clothes.

Again! Good luck and.....have fun playing dress up!!!!!
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Well, I guess it defferent in every area of the country, but here in the northeast skirts w/ no pantyhose is not considered business casual. UNLESS, its a long skirt, meaning past your calf, then you can get away with that w/ sandals.

I would just call and ask because you wouldn't want to wear it, and then have someone tell you its not appropriate.

Good luck w/ the new job, hope it works out well for you!
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