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What a good investment

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About six months ago Chester decided to start sleeping on the couch. I didn’t really mind but he always slept in the same spot and after a week or so there was a lot of fur left behind.

Then I found this neat thing called the “sofa saver†pet bed. It was advertised as being both comfortable and functional.

The bottom part is quilted and is long to either cover the front of tuck under the cushion. It is surrounded on three sides by a pillow. It will go into the washer and dryer. And an added bonus was that the colors were a perfect match for my sofa.

So now where does Mr. Chester decide he wants to sleep?

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I have some cat beds you can have also. Never used.

Mr Chester is a handsome guy.
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That is hilarious... and so typical!!!
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I can relate.

Instead of spending God knows how much money on cat toys, my cats are just as entertained by a waded up piece of paper, an empty 12 pack box of soda, the twist tie from a bread loaf, any plastic cap off a bottle and any plastic or paper bag.

Not to mention one can always just allow a flying insect into the house, which provides unlimited fun until the insect is caught and dismembered. Fortunately (or not), there seems to be an endless free supply of insects.
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But Mom it's just doesn't feel the same!!!
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Chester is a beautiful boy with a determined attitude!
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I've spent $30 on a cat bed in the past, and it just sits in my living room unused. I think the boys know how expensive it was and have decided to do everything in their power to avoid it (this includes jumping over it). I've decided to never buy another cat bed as long as I live. If they want something soft and comfy to lie on, they can sleep in bed with me.
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Maybe he thought that was for you!
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I bought our cats a bed when they were just babies.
They did the same thing Chester did...I might as well have wadded up my money and flushed it down the toilet

I ended up giving the bed to a friend of mine...her cats hated it too.
She used to do TNR and she gave it to someone she met at the clinic where they took the cats to be spayed/neutered and her cats loved it.
I'm just glad someone got some use out of that bed
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My mother keeps telling me “I told you soâ€. Cats and kids are the same, you spend tons of money on toys and what are they playing with? Pots and pans.

Then again she was the one who bought the cat tunnel then made me feel bad because he never touched it.
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He probably figured it was a nice new seat for you and didn't want to ruin it! At least you have somewhere to sit without being covered in fur

We bought a cat bed and our girls love it, so much that we're going to have to buy a second one so they can have a bed each!
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I got a cat bed from the neighbours. The Upstairs Kitties never used it (they were actually too large for it!)
Gizmo never sleeps in it, but at least it is free.

I have a special pillow for neck support. Or so it was originally intended.
Gizmo found the depression in the middle to be just the right size and shape for a kitty...and so now it's hers!
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