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Is there a breed that does not shed?

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I want to get a cat, but my dad is concerned about it shedding and peeing everywhere. Is there a certain breed that does not shed as much? It is better to go for a certain sex of cat?

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I'm not aware of any breed that does not shed at all.
Bengals barely shed any hair at all, they have extremely short pelts and shedding is minimal. Sphynx are basically hairless and don't shed so to speak, but they have other maintenance requirements.

I believe the Rex's are also minimal shedders.
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I have a Cornish Rex. She does shed a little, but her fur is so short and fine that it's barely noticeable.

Regardless of breed, if you feed a high-quality food, the cat will shed much less than it would otherwise.
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Many breed hardly shed at all. Most purebred cats ive ever owned hardly shed

The amount of shedding a cat does seems to be individual also

Whatever u do DO NOT GET a pure white cat they are the worst LOL

That being said I have 3 moggie mutt cats right now and one of them seems to shed a bit more then the others

I find semi long hairs usually shed less

I feed my cats innova and i have 3 cats not much shedding goin on but if u feed crappy food like whiskers OMG ur whole house will be full of it! (person experience!)
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I agree with what's been said. It's not so much the breed, as the quality of diet (which in turn affects skin and coat health). My parents and I both have mixed bred street cats that we took in. My parents feed a very poor quality diet, and you can't TOUCH their cat without getting handfuls of hair. It's everywhere. I feed a high quality diet, which I've put a lot of thought and consideration into, and my cats (one longhair, one shorthaired) both shed minimally. I'd have to brush my cats for 5 minutes to get the same amount of hair you get with one pet of my parents cats. (I've actually done it, to figure it out lol)

And as for peeing, most cats are completley littertrained. The only cats that pee outside the litter are: Unneutered male cats (who spray mark around their house to mark their turf), cats who are ill (having a Urinary Tract problem causes a cat to go outside the box since they associate the box with the pain of peeing), and cats with behavoural issues (which is rare).

So provided you spay/netuer your cat, which should be done anyways, feed a high quality diet to avoid shedding and also avoid urinary tract health problems, your dad has nothing to worry about
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Diet like others have said plays a roll....

My bengal cross doesnt shed near as much as my medium longhair does....

If shedding truely is an issue to you I would suggest not a cat... If you just want as little as possible then diet can manage that
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Hi KaraLee!

I'd just like to throw this in. When cats do pee outside the litterbox, it is usually a health related problem(note-I say usually). One sex isn't better than the other, it all depends on the cat's personality. Some cats shed more than other. SOme colors of hair show up more than others. I have two white cats & their hair seems to be everywhere! My darker tortie's hair doesn't show up as much.

I think it might be a good idea to sit down with your dad & tell him you want a cat. Learn about cats, caring for them, what breeds you like(or colors you prefer if you like moggies), how much vet care will cost, etc. I did when I wanted a cat & both my parents were impressed with how much thought I had put into it. I hope you can get a cat, but it's best if your dad approves of it. As in any case of living with someone else, it's not always fun for the cat if not everyone likes them living there.

ETA: I didn't mean to sound like I'm talking to you as though you're an 8 year old. Sorry if I did. I just wanted a cat really bad when I was 15 & my dad said no. Now I have 5. Dad tolerates 4 of them & the only reason he doesn't like the 5th is because she doesn't like him. If I had not talked to him about getting a cat first, he probably would have been really mad & I wouldn't have any cats now.
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