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my feral Harley

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It's been 2 weeks past trapping, neutering, etc. He's in my spare bedroom. I think I'm starting to see some progress. Yesterday I fed him and he moved the paper bowl as he was eating and it got an inch away from my legs but he still kept on eating! After eating he just walked around and stretched right in front of me! Then he went back into his closet, I guess that was as much courage as he could muster up that day. I still don't pet him with my hand, but I have a stick with a fleece strip wrapped around it and he loves to have his chin and head "brushed" with it. I've brought one of my cats in every so often, she stays in the room for a few min. The other resident cat is an Alpha cat and I'm having a hard time with him, he would love to beat up Harley so that meeting is back on hold.

I think Harley has a lot of potential, He is a quiet unassuming cat, and once he becomes socialized he may be a good companion , maybe even a lap cat.
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I am not a adept as you are with the ferals, but I gotta tell you, the highlight of my life was when Princess let me pet her tail. I though I had died and gone to heaven. She helped the others see that I wasn't going to hurt anyone, so now at breakfast, we all have a petfest, Princess, Lyssa and Sicorro.

Princess walked into the house yesterday morning and shoved her face into the insider's food bowl. I may have that cat inside yet.

What a wonderful job you are doing. Your feral knows that you care, he doesn't understand "love" yet, but he will. Bless you.
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