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kitten update

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well fizz was still pregnant when i went to bed last night and when i got up this morning no sign of kittens so took her to vets only for them to do a ultrasound and say no kittens present, he said she has probably delivered over night. we have searched high, low and everywhere in between and the there no sight nor sound of kittens, fizz seems to be going under my bed but there is no kittens there as we had the bed out the room searching, she only comes out from under there to eat drink and use her tray then goes back, so she is to go back to the vet tommorow for an x ray and anotther check and we need to find the kittens. so i will keep u all upto date, any ideas would be a big help.
nurse at vet suggested she may have had a phantom pregnancy but we all saw the kittens moving inside her and felt movement a few times so we just hunting till we find them.
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if she is going under your bed look up and under your box spring... my cats and kittens ripped the box spring apart underneath to make a cozy bedding area!!
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our bed is a metalk frame with wooden slats and the mattress on top of that so no room for anything like that. i forgot to add that her pregnancy was also confirmed by at a vet so sure there are kittens somewhere, i feel like i am going mad just now. lol
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Oh honey......sedating headbuts and stop the headaches and come out licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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My cats/kittens also like to get up and into the box spring, mainly to play at this point. They tore my new boxspring up (from underneath) and get way up in there! My little girl is the only one who can fit under the bed to get them out!
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That's why I stopped using a frame for my bed and put the box springs right on the floor.

You can not imagine how sneaky those cats can be when they have a chance to tear open a spot and sneak in the box spring filler.

I just finished reading your first post, those kittens are under or inbetween the filler of the bed somewhere. Your cat would not be going in there except to feed and take care of them. You'll find them.
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I agree they are in the Filler you have to take a flash light and go investigating... Mine Tore ALL the filler out of my box spring... with the help of the ferrets lol
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Can you hear the kittens? Why don't u pull the mattress out and just watch to see where the mom goes. It may take a wee while but at east then you will know where she is going and can check if the kittens are there.

Do you think it is possible for her to have had a miscarriage? I know this sounds gross, but she may have eaten the kittens. Also, does she have a bloody discharge at all? After both of my cats gave birth they bleed for a couple days afterwards. So...if she just had the kittens then she should still be bleeding a bit.
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we have physically took the bed to pieces and removed it piece by piece from the room, fizz just went and lay in the corner of the room that is usually covered by the bed and lay there purring away, so we put the bed back into the room, she slept there last night and only came out thismorning to eat and use her tray then went back to under the bed, we have turned the house upside down and inside out. we turned off everything in the house and each took a room to sit in quietly and listen there is no sound of kittens, we can't even find where she gave birth, there is no sign of that either, the whole thing is a mystery but it is also a strange feeling of history repeating itself.
i got fizz from a friends parents and her mother gave birth over night and hid the kittens we all searched for 3 days and found no trace, then a week later all 5 kittens were found alive and well in a place i myself checked several times so we are still hoping to find kittens alive and well.
fizz has gone to the vet today for an xray the vet says she thinks she may have eaten her kittens but we are all hoping and praying that this isn't the case so in the mean time while fizz is away we are searching the house again just to be sure.

the vet checked for discharge but fizz is cleaning herself constantly so the vet says she is probably cleaning away the evidence.
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That is really weird! I'm so glad I invested in a large cage. I would never want to go thru searching for kittens.

We dealt with that enough with the barn cats. Try locating where kittens are with 3 stories in the barn? Was not a fun thing to hunt down and bring in the house 4-5 week old kittens that liked to hide behind barrels!

The last litter (Ling and siblings) - we caged mom in a very large dog crate (like great dane size) and kept her in there with a box to deliver the kits - they stayed there till 5 weeks old when we brought them in and had mom spayed. That also prevented mom from getting pregnant again before she got spayed!

I do hope you find the kittens very soon and all is well.
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Oh I am so sorry.....this must be driving you nuts!!!!! Give some cries headbuts and slip out of hiding licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Good luck trying to find the babeis and please keep us updated. if the mommy kitty is at the vet then the babies should be crying for her right???
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well the xrays show she has not eaten the kittens, but the vet thinks she may have had something similar to a phantom pregnancy, it seems it is possible for the cat to continue like a normal pregnancy only to give birth to an empty sac. she says that would explain why we have felt things in her belly but for there to be no kittens.
I was sitting with her earlier and i asked her where her babies where, told her go find your babies, she went to my room, went under the bed walked around sniffed then came back meowing then went back had another look about then lay down as if she was preparing to feed babies cleaned herself lay there then started liking the carpet in front of her. she then proceeded to come out and grab my daughter toy kitten and carry it about for a while in her mouth and clean it aswell. the vet says that this is classic behaviour for an animal that has lost it's litter. the poor little thing seems so confused. so we have been advised to stop looking, there is probably no kittens to find. the vet that originally confirmed her pregancy says she felt 2 lumps in her belly so she expected to kittens, so if she delived only 2 sacs then there wouldn't be much mess for us to find, she could easily have cleaned up after herself.
im just wishing i had taken her to the vet 24 hours earlier they could have xrayed her and we would have known for sure.
thank you all for all your advice and support.

she is to be booked in to be spayed in about 6 weeks time, the vet says to give her chance to recover and her milk to dry up as she is still producing milk, the vet says that when she is cleaning her self it is stimulating the milk so it may take a bit of time.
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