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Lucky's all dolled up!!!

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Lucky just got back from her first ever visit to the groomers. It's amazing. She has about half the fur that she had when I dropped her off. She got rave reviews from all the employees and the groomer about what a sweet cat she is, but man is she ticked off at me (and she just bopped Rambo on the head a few times). I think I might be in for some punishment later today!!! Wish me luck!!

Here she is!!

and she even smells like mango tango shampoo!!!
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Awww! She looks beautiful!!
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Awww, how sweet she looks.
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She looks soooooo pretty!!!
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Awww, nothing like a day at the spa for beauty treatments! she looks lovely
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She looks gorgeous!

Scully is always so glad to get out of there now that he is a sweetheart for fear that I will leave him longer
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Lucky looks very fashionable in her pretty scarf.
She is a beautiful girl.
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What a beautiful girl! The bandana is adorable! =D
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Wow! She looks gorgeous!
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How beautiful! Thats great that she was so good at the groomers!
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Thanks everyone! Not only was she wonderful at the groomers...she hasn't done anything yet to get me back for doing it! It's like she lost two pounds of fur at the groomers and feels like a whole new girl!!!
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Hmmm, this actually inspires me to get a haircut.

Something about a salon day just makes a girl feel good...
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Exactly! I have an appointment set up for Wednesday! Can't wait!
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Lucky aren't you looking gorgeous!!
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