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problems with baby

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my cat, baby, is 2 years old. she used to just love getting pet all the time, then all of a sudden, she absolutely hates it. she growls when i hold her. when she walks by me i try to pet her, and she like, lowers herself so i can't pet her, like i'm going to hit her.

i hate it, she's been doing it for months and all i want is a little lovin' from my baby cakes.

plus, she bites around her butt. like the area around her tail is all gone, it's all scabs. i don't know why she does it, but it look really weird.
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Have you started using a different soap, or hand lotion? Have you taken her to the vet to find out what's wrong with her fur and why she's biting herself? That's important! She could have allergies, ringworm, many things and I can't understand your not having seen to it before now.
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i never thought it could be serious.. but yeah, i'll be taking her soon
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It could be that whatever is irritating her rear area is also making her edgy. Cats usually avoid humans when they don't feel good. I would definatly take her to the vet ASAP, and maybe once the problem is treated she'll go back to being your Baby. Oh, and it could also be what Larke mentioned, I know when I put on my moisturiser at night, I have to wash my hands or Lucky won't let me get near him.
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She may be avoiding your touch because it hurts. Does she have fleas or have you switched her food in the last couple months? Is she a strictly indoor cat or outdoor too? Please take her to the vet, she must be soooo uncomfortable. If you can't afford to take her to the vet then maybe you can take her to a humane society and show her to them. Some of the people working there have seen just about everything with all the cats they have coming and going. If you're lucky, maybe someone there can tell you what is wrong and will let you know how to treat it. If you can afford even(maybe even discuss payments), PLEASE take her to the vet.
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well, the thing is, she's not always edgy. it's like, pretty random when she acts like that. but she still doesn't let me hold her period.

baby is an indoor cat. and i figured since it so cold outside the fleas would die, but i'm guessing that is not probably so, because they could be in the house right?

i bet it's fleas, that would make sense

thanks guys, she'll be going early this week
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You can get a head start on the problem by ordering some Advantage, Frontline or Revolution from your vet. Baby should still be seen by the doctor -- she may an antibiotic and/or medication to help with the itch -- but you can at least prevent any more bites until you can get into see the vet.

You may also need to treat your house, especially areas Baby sleeps, for fleas. Your vet should also carry sprays and bombs for the house. Put a cut-up flea collar in the bag of your vacuum cleaner, and do a lot of vacuuming.
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If you don't know it's fleas, I don't think it's such a good idea to use flea meds just in case. They could interfere with what is wrong and possibly even worsen it. Just get her to the vet.
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