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Cat jaw dislocated!?!

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Hi, I apoligize if this has been asked before, I searched the forums, but couldn't find anything of the sort.

Our 3 yr old Cat, seems to have a locked Jaw ?

She was fine five minutes ago & is not crying in pain or anything, but we just noticed she is walking around with a wide mouth & a long trail of drool.

We approached her with no issues, picked her up .. even rubbed her jawbone with no problems.

We went to stick our finger in her mouth & she winced away.

Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated!~
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I would take her to an emergency vet immediately.
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Originally Posted by Lorina View Post
I would take her to an emergency vet immediately.

LOL thanks for that .. if it were an option, we would already be there.

This is our weekend to move, and that's where every bit of our money went.

My husband was an EMT .. thinking of trying to "relocate" her jaw like a humans .. but I dont know !!

Oh well .. thanks anyway
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She really needs to see a emergency vet asap! Please keep us posted!!!

I will keep her in my prayers!!
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Does it appear that she has something caught in her mouth?
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Nope .. nothing stuck in her mouth, we think it's just dislocated .. no money for a vet ... prayers is all we have !

Thanks again!
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You can't leave her like this. Maybe you vet would work with you and let you make payments? Good luck and I hope you can find a way to get help today for your cat.
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With a dislocated jaw, how do you expect the cat to eat and drink? Are you seriously telling us that you are just going to do nothing, and let her starve and dehydrate? I know I'm mistaken.......aren't I?
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What they all said. Beg, borrow or use credit cards if you have to. Most emergency vets have applications for a low interest credit card specifically for pet emergencies.

Seriously. If this were your daughter, would you say, "Sorry, honey, we're moving. We can't help you now. Just try not to drool too much."
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I would call the emergancy vet and find out their payment policies or if they offer any sort of assistance plan. Many places will work with you and if they can't help you they might be able to refer you to someone that can. Even some clinics that don't have an in house payment plan will offer Care Credit instead. Care Credit offer different zero interest loans which can be repaid over a set period of time and are typically very affordable.

I really hope you can work something out to get her treatment soon to avoid any chance of secondary life threatening problems (such as liver disease) developing if she is unable to eat or drink in her current condition.
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Although your hubby is an EMT, I hope he realizes that a cat's jaw is different than a human. Cats do not move their jaws side-to-side, only up and down.

I agree with the others, if you care at all for this cat you will find a way to get it to an emergency vet immediately. If the cat goes without food for 2 days it can develop liver failure and it will cost a lot more than what it would cost now.

If you cannot afford to get the cat seen immediately, then the only humane thing to do is give it to a no-kill shelter so they can get it the medical treatment it obviously needs.
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I read this thread yesterday afternoon, and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Is there any update?
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I know, I have been checking it every 15 minutes or so. I just don't understand this.

Have a question? Is it possible that someone decided to play a cruel joke on us all.....for whatever reason? I can not imagine even the hardest heart, seeing a cat in that state and not doing something about it.

Any ideas, anyone?
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I truly don't know what to make of this, either. I just keep thinking that poor cat, if there actually is a cat, has to have something caught deep in it's throat.

LOL thanks for that.... if it were an option, we would already be there.
That "LOL" is the part that really bothers me. I'm a member of a small cat site that had a couple of people posting absolutely horrible stories about cats. I suppose anything is possible.
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I also have a cat with what is obviously  a dislocated jaw & I DESPERATELY want to take her to the vet because she is suffering greatly. The problem is my ex who my son & I are stuck living with. My ex is the only one with a car & our nearest vet is 30 miles away & he refuses to take her. He knows she's essentially dying & suffering in the process but he just doesn't want to be bothered. He's at work most the day leaving me alone her to watch her suffering & it's killing me. So sometime's people really can't get their poor babies to the vet & in my case it's due to a sadistic ex-husband.I am SERIOUSLY considering walking the 30 miles there with her.

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Hi, did you manage to sort out your cat's jaw?  I hope so ....? Let us know?

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