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Had a bit of a scare this morning.....

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I woke up around 4 and immediately knew I wouldn't be sleeping again for some time (insomnia in it's various forms is an old aquaintance of mine ) so I got up and watched some of my Grey's Anatomy DVD. Of course, Maximus, our treeing walker coonhound, sees that I'm awake and assumes it's soon to be time for an early morning outing. So, after listening to the crybaby (who, I should mention, gets his late walk at midnight) for a while, I leash him up, bundle myself up and head down for a 5am walk. It's still dark.

He's in a rush to pee on his favourite tree, so we trot over there. As he's finishing up, I glance to my right and there's a man standing completely still on the sidewalk about 15 ft away. Immediately I'm aware of the lack of movement and people on the street and wishing I had woke my bf to say I was going out for a few minutes. Best way to handle this, I figure, is to be proactive. I say hello. No response...but his eyes are closed. I ask "are you ok?" The guy stirs, says yes, he's fine, just doing some calculations in his head, thanks for asking. At this point, I take the dog and go down the street. When we come back, the guy is on the far side of our building, this time with what looks like plans and a pencil.....he must be the guy organizing the paving of the underground parking, which is what's going on this weekend. He seems like a guy doing his job, but he gave me a bit of a shock. I'm SO glad my dog weighs 80lbs and gets a "back-hawk" when things go awry. Today there was no issue, but if there were......
Anyway, I'd never even have left the apartment if I had a little dog!
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I'm glad it was only the contract man.
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That would've totally spooked me too. I often worry when I take dogs into the woods, but it's the best place to walk them and why should they miss out? Good thing Maximus is a big dog - that would make anyone nasty think twice.
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Max is my big furry "Keep walking" sign
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Safest thing to do in that circumstance is to quietly walk away. I'm glad everything turned out O.K.

Cheers, from
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