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I had to go up to PetsMart to get cat food and a filter for my Betta tank. They had kittens and cats there for adoption. I don't know why I torture myself, but they had a Lynx Point Siamese male there.......and I wanted to take them all home. AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH....why can't I have more money to get more cats????? AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH
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Oh Gosh I know the feeling it's torture and you want to bring them all home!!!
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My husband tries to keep me away from the animals up for adoption! You just want to take all of them home! It's so sad to see them there in their cages waiting for a new meowmy!
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I gotta tell you it has been a long time (except for Tammy-Timmy) since I have been smittin with a kitten. He was just beautiful. If I leave this house again and get into that car..........no........stop.........I'll hock the house.............AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH
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Speaking of Petsmart - I soooo have to praise the one in Bartlett, TN. They've added on a special part to their store- JUST for our animal shelter to place the kittens/cats up for adoption in. We even have enough space there to vaccinate them and do other things. So far, we've had a ton of successful adoptions out of there thanks to our new Petsmart!! Hehe, at the moment, little Kenzie my former foster kitten is up there awating adoption! All of the proceeds also go directly to our animal shelter- Petsmart is sooooo wonderful!!!! / I also love Petco and Superpetz as well because they also let us host adoption day on their facility.
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