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Toys are missing!

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I recently bought my kittens a bag full of toys from PetSmart. The bag was full of balls, balls with bells, mice and these little plastic toys with a feather attatched and a bell in it. Well, of all those toys the only ones we can find are a few balls and the mice, the rest are gone. My husband and I have looked everywhere. Under the fridge, the stove, the furniture, the couch and couch cushions. The babies loved the toys with the feather and bells . Do cats hide things like dogs do to use later? Or do you think they forgot where they put them or just can't reach them? Or do you guys have any ideas that your cats use as hiding spots for toys? Thanks.
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That sounds familiar! Jamie likes to put his toys under the upright piano, or "bury" them under the rug in the living room. My husband has a couple of guitars, and is always finding toys in the "mouse holes", and has to restring the guitars to get them out. Sometimes the toys get pushed off the balcony, which is screened in with cat net. The mesh is just big enough to push furry mice through.
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I keep finding flattened furry toy mice under the edges of my rugs.
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I've found the odd toy under my area rug too! I've always thought it was an accident that they ended up there....maybe not! LOL

As for where the toys are, check places like:

Under the fridge, dresser, couches, washer, dryer..basically all furniture
Inside shoes
Behind bookcases etc
Closet corners
Laundry baskets/hampers
Kitty litter (apparently some cats like to bury things in their litter)
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Kitty litter (apparently some cats like to bury things in their litter)
Like boxer shorts.
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I recently found 9 catnip mice under my microwave cart.

And when I put new tile down in the living room, I found 16 milk tabs under the carpet and under the couch. I didn't realize I gave them that many milk tabs.
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Yes, they'll hide all kinds of things all kinds of places - good luck finding them!
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If any of your closet doors have a gap on the bottom, look in the closets. They could have been playing with the toys and lost them under the door.
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It's important to do a monthly harvest underneath the refrigerator to recover lost mice.

I once found 12 milk tabs under a closet door we seldom use. This made Merlin's day!!
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Kitty litter (apparently some cats like to bury things in their litter)
Annie once buried a garlic clove that she took out of the veggie bin
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Originally Posted by trinettec View Post
Annie once buried a garlic clove that she took out of the veggie bin
LOL, that was probably a hint to stop eating garlic before giving her head butts
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I have long believed in the Big Phantom Cat that comes at night to play and steal toys. Even when I left Sarajevo and cleaned out every room I did not find half the toys that had gone missing. Maybe we should leave an offering for the BPC and hope he leaves our kitties' things alone!
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They're just stashing them in the mysterious kitty storage spot. My parents' cat Stowaway does this and we can never find his toys. He'll play with a new catnip mouse for a few weeks and keep it upstairs, then one day he gets bored with it and takes it down in the basement for kitty storage and we don't see it again. Until literally years later, a dust bunny-covered toy mouse is sitting in the middle of the dining room. I've seen toys that had been missing for more than five years come back from the "grave!"
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Gypsy had a little bear named Smacky (like in Get Fuzzy) that went missing. She used to carry it everywhere like it was a little baby. I've looked everywhere possible, and it never turned up. Every room in the house has been repainted since it was lost (I have a bit of a paint addiction), so all the furniture has been moved, and still no sign of Smacky.

I bought her an identical replacement, but she rejected it. It's just not the real Smacky.
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I've seen Villy chase toys and play with them, and then accidentaly bat them into a place that she can't get too, or we wouldn't see straight away, like under the bed........
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I've watched my guys deliberately shove toys under the stove and then try to retrieve them. They do the same thing with rugs and doors with gaps.

Every now and then if the toy supply for me to step on is low I'll take something with a long skinny handle and harvest the toys form under the stove, microwave cart and places such as that.

It's funny to watch as they wait anxiously for the goodies to show up.
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