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my cat is looing weight but other wise seems healthy

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i have 4 cats, 2 with all their shots and 2 with out. one of those with out is too young for her shots yet... my last one is a tuxedo who i never got shots for because he never leaves the house. they are all indoor. recently, my little black cat has been loosing a lot of weight.. he feels unaturally light and seems to be eating just fine. no sightings of any worms.. hes just as affectionate as always.. and the other cats havnt lost any weight either. i dont understand and this is the cat im closest to... i really dont want to see anything happen to him. can anyone give me an idea maybe to whats going on?
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Your cat really needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. There can be a number of reasons for weight loss.
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Yep, time to call the vet and let them know what is happening. You don't want to wait until he can't be helped. This could signal a worse problem.
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i know, i made an appointment already.. i just wanted to know if any of you have any idea what could be potentially happening?
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If he is not showing any symptoms except weight loss, it's kind of hard to make a backyard judgement.....the weight loss itself is a cause for concern. Are you sure he has no worms? You said that he was eating ok, are you sure of that, or are some of the other cats pushing him out of way when it comes to the food bowl?
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Also, if your other cats go outside they can bring all kinds of nasty things to your indoor only kitty. Mika is indoor only but my hubby allows Bijou outside so she is treated with Revolution and gets all her vaccinations to be on the safe side.
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How old is the kitty?
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hes about a year old now and none of my other cats go out ever. he doesnt have worms.. i took him to the vet and he said he probably has a high metabolisim..and waved it away... this causes me concern.. he didnt even reccomend getting any tests done.. he eats just as much as the other cats.. and hes quite friendly with them. hes not neutered though.. could this be cause for it? this cat is my heart.. i dont know what i would do if anything bad happened to him so im still left with the question: whats wrong?
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You need to take him somewhere else or tell your vet to do it but a cbcsmack should be run. it could be as simple as a thyroid issue. I had cats in the past with over active thyroid and they will apear healthy, eating , ect but skinny skinny. A simple pill a day helps with thyroid. So i would push for them to do a cbcsmack or get a second opinion.
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Has your cat seen the vet yet? Do they know he's losing weight? Is he eating anything? I just had a bad experience with my cat losing weight. And I didn't realize they can start having liver problems in as little as 2 days of not eating or eating very little. So if he's not eating much, he really should be seen today.
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I'm not sure whether neutering will help stabilize his weight, but it's a good idea regardless. If you aren't comfortable with your vet's response, find another vet for a second opinion. There is a difference between cats who have a high metabolism and have always been skinny and cats who were heavier but are losing weight.
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thanks guys ill take him to a second vet. and yes, as i stated before, hes eating.. a normal amount at that.. just very very thin.. it just makes me nervous.. thanks guys ill make an appointment asap.. i appreciate your help
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