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Hi - Haven't been here in almost a year!

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I was looking around for a place to post and get to know people who maybe would "understand" me and visited my saved links and realized I have not posted here in about a year!

I'm Stacy, I have a boyfriend of 5 1/2 years, 4 cats, a dog, 1 fostered cat (been fostering her for about a year) and take care of two feral cat colonies. AND am thinking about a human child as well.

I joined other sites to get to know other human moms, and soon to be moms and was discouraged to see so many "I have to get rid of ___" posts because of the human babies. I don't want to turn into that and it's hard to be around that for me.

So... I want to be around those who love their fur kids and may also have human kids... and can tell me that it works successfully!

I will post pictures soon! My eldest cat had feline diabetes a few years ago but is doing great now.

So here I am.
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You will surely find people who love both human kids AND furkids here!

Welcome back!
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Hi and welcome back.

I have 4 human children and 3...soon to be 4 furbabies.

I can tell you that for use it has worked sucessfully, there was never a problem between my two kind of kids...the first thing we did when we brought our babies home from the Hospital was let the furbabies smell them.
We also taught our Human kids from a VERY early age that you don't poke kitty eyes, you don't squeeze kitty, you don't pull kitty tails, or step on kitty feet.
That's not to say that one of my kids hasn't got hissed at from time to time...but over all there have not been any problems and there was never a thought given to rehoming any of our cats.
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Welcome Stattess and Family (and family-to-be):

So glad you found TheCatSite again! And THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOMS OF OUR HEARTS (all 9 of us plus our devoted servant, who's lived with, loved, rescued, adopted, and advoCATed for cats from the word "go"!)(Samuda, you'll notice from our siggy, was "indisposed" at the moment and couldn't appear in it...) for adopting, for fostering, for feeding ferals, for loving and caring! and for being a voice for cats! Those shallow, uncaring, irresponsible and uncommitted-to-their-cats people make me sick, too -- THANK YOU for being an opposite to their apathy and for STANDING BY YOUR CATS!!! I grew up with cats, from birth onwards; I credit my parents for teaching me compassion, caring, and personal responsibility toward our feline family members, and I credit THEM with showing me unconditional love and loyalty that just can't be equalled anyplace else. Families SHOULD include cats and SHOULD teach compassion and humane ethics! It would make this society a much kinder and better one, and it would save countless numbers of innocent lives...when one knows the truth in terms of the MILLIONS of sweet, affectionate, wonderful cats, kittens, and cats WITH kittens who lose their lives annually in large part due to "no-'pets'" rentals and "having a baby/abandoning our cat(s)" mindsets, it's enough to make any cat lover or kind person sick!

So again, THANK YOU...and so glad your eldest feline family member has improved!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!......

See you on the forums!
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Thank you for the wonderful welcome!

I will post picts soon.

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Dear Stacy and Family!

We can't wait -- we LOVE photos here!
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Hello and welcome to TCS hope to see pics of your kitty family soon have fun on the site see ya around
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Until I figure our how to post picts here... feel free to visit my album on I just started using Photobucket... but many of my photos are here:
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Dear Stattess and Family:

WONDERFUL ALBUMS -- GREAT PHOTOS! We think you and your family are the greatest for caring not only for your own cats (and dog!) but for ferals as well! May you be many times blessed for your caring and compassion...
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Welcome back!
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Hi Stacy & welcome back to TCS! You'll find lots of support and kindred spirits here who will be more than happy to share their stories of blending children, both fur and furless

If you need any help finding your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username, and send me a private message.
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Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome. I'd expect nothing less from fellow animal lovers!

It's also great to read positive things about combined families... after reading so much negativity elsewhere regarding fur and non fur kids, it's great to read some good!
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