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I haven't even had this poor cat for a week and already he has ran away! My neighbors told me he'd come back but I am so worried! This is my first cat and while I was taking in groceries, he ran away. Thing is there are TONS of strays in my area so you can't just say "Have you seen a cat?". Luckily my neighbors have told me that there are no other tabby cats in the area and my one neighbor feeds the strays and lets them into his apartment, so he said he's sure he'll be able to find him, especially when he gets hungry.

Am I a terrible person? This poor woman let me adopt her cat, thinking he'd be going into a good home and here I went and LOST HIM!
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Honey, hang on a minute. At one time or another all of us have lost a cat. How long have you had him? Does he know his name? Does he like people? Will he come up to them? How long has he been gone?
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Good news. He came back! I left my door open and he strolled on in a few hours later, as if nothing had happened. He had me all in a panic and he must have just been out enjoying himself lol.
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Is your new kitty an indoor only kitty or is he allowed outdoors also? Cats are very sneaky when it comes to getting out and things. I can always tell when a cat owner comes to visit by this little look around, block the door with your leg thing they do. I had a cat when I was little that snuck out of my apartment, snuck into my neighbor's apartment, where my neighbor found her on her kitchen table drinking her tea!
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He is an indoor cat. He was really sneaky, I can't believe how quickly he got away, I hardly noticed!
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has he been neutered???
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Yep he has
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Well, if you all will excuse me, I will go and take an asprin for my worry headache and a tranquilizer for my jitters. I am so glad he is home.
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