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What does it mean when...

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...a cat "chirrups" and rubs it's head up against you quite a lot? Is this a sign of affection or wanting affection returned. My female flame point, Toozeday, does this a lot...
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What does "chirrups" mean? As far as rubbing his head against you, I would say this indeed is very normal and he wants attention.
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Is it just his head or his whole body? If it's just his head (cheeks) he's marking his scent on you. You'll see him do this to objects around the house as well. My guys rub their whole bodies against me and the dogs, along with head butting, when they want attention. Taz is such a gentleman. He will tap me with his paw when he wants me to pay attention. Salem is much more straight forward and will ram me with his head.

The chirrups is probably him talking to you and wanting attention.
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He's being affectionate and wants some back!
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"Chirrups" is that sound they make from the throat, I think. It's not a meow but seems to be a very friendly sound. (I didn't know how else to describe it, other than "chirrups." I think that most all cats make that sound.) Also, Toozeday (long for Tuesday) is a she. Not purebred, but looks everybit like a flamepoint Siamese and has all the markings, even down to the blue eyes.... Most times it's just her head she rubs, but sometimes her whole body. She meows or "chirrups" before and after, too.
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My last cat, Gucci, used to 'pirrip' at us when she wanted attention, and my kitten Tilly kinda 'beeps' when she goes up to me and headbutts my hand. They just want attention and to be loved and cuddled for a bit. I always those sounds, especially because Tilly has quite a harsh miaow, but all Gucci did was the 'pirrip' noises never miaowed, and she was lovely to listen and talk to, even though she was a horrible cat.
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