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kitten care calender?

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Now that our rescued kittens are 5 weeks old, we're getting closer to handing them over to the OSPCA. Currently they're on wet kitten, and have dry available that they eat occasionally (also kitten) and use the litter pan with yesterdays news for the most part (a few accidents). They've been wormed twice now, and the shelter girls say that they need a third. I know that the kittens who we bring into the OSPCA will be getting their shots almost immediately.
I am keeping one of the kittens, and since I haven't had a kitten this young since I was 3, I'm trying to pick up information where I can (of course this site is the mecca of info). I have a tonne of silly questions though, like when I can switch her to Worlds best cat litter from the yesterays news? When I should be getting shots and de worming and anything else I can't think of? When should I be looking at for her spaying? When can she start wearing breakaway collars? All kinds of easy to answer stuff. I was wondering if anyone knew of a online "calender" that I could go to that would guide me through most of this so I'm not continuously asking questions.
Thanks for your help
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Sorry, I don't know of any but that is a good idea!
I was also wondering what age it's ok for a kitten to wear a collar...
I think the breakaway collars should have a weight listed on the package (like, what size kitten can easily snap the breakaway part...)
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Maybe I'll make up a webpage for it sometime.
I just found a site that suggested litter changing around 3-4 months of age, which seems reasonable.
The sites suggest anywhere from 6-8 weeks for the first shots...I'm going to wait for my new carrier and call my vet when it arrives, so I'll be close to those dates.
I think I remember waiting till chester was around 5 months before he started regularly wearing his collar...just due to weight issues. They really should have a weight requirement on those things though, you're so right.
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I found this one yesterday, don't know if it is what you are looking for however.

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Thanks, it's a start! It helps me figure out the first couple of sets of shots at the very least.
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Have you checked the links at the top of the forum? There is a great one to a kitten calendar.

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