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Princess (Feral)

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I opened the door this morning to feed the ferals and as usual, Sicorro, Princess and Lyssa-Lyssa came in to say "hi" to the insiders. I dumped the food in the bowl and Lyssa and Sircorro bolted out of the house, but Princess had her face in the insider's food bowl. I wonder if that cat wants to come in. I started to close the door, but she had this paniced look on her face and I didn't want to spook her.

I am on vacation the last part of November, I think I am going to see if I can get her to come in and stay in. Any and all advice, suggestions, Tequila (I can't stand vodka after Tammy-Timmy) will be gratefully accepted.
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Your posts always crack me up!

If you think she wants to be inside, I say "Bring her in!!!!" ....... bring them ALL in!!! And I will gladly send a case of tequila to help with the transition!
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Tequila always helps!

When you say you are going on vacation, are you leaving, or just time off of work to spend with Princess? If you are leaving, I advise to not bring her in until you return. If staying home, bring her in by all means!

My Lucky (feral) comes in the house every now and again. I encourage him, and he has gotten to the point that he comes in at night and goes back outside in the morning (a couple times a week).
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Oh no, I don't have money to go anywhere. I am staying home, hugging my garden, loving my ferals and driving my insiders nuts. You think they're going to sleep around all day with me home? HHHHHAAAAA!!!!! I have had to shut down my satellite TV service so these guys are IN FOR IT!!!!!
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I say - go for it! Especially if you're going to be around for lots of play time soon! The only advice? Get a hidey box for her. And maybe ear plugs? Unless... you'll let her come and go.

The very first cat - the one that started it all for us - Booger, came inside very very slowly. It started because it was pooring rain, and she hated it, and Gary hated it, and the awning was leaking.... and we could pick her up and hold her (and brush and pet her) by that point. So he picked her up, put her on the bottom inside-step of the RV, and put the food down in front of her. He shut the door. She was VERY freaked out, and wouldn't leave that bottom step. But she hated the rain so much she was willing to stay until that was over.

We bought her a cat bed and put it in a box on its side by the front door. She became willing to come "in" to the bottom step for food, and sleep in her bed by the door. It took like a month before she'd venture anywhere further. Finally, she started showing up pretty regularly around 11:00pm and want to stay until 4:00am. And when she wanted out - that HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ear plugs and all the tequila in the world woudn't kill that sound (unless, of course, we gave the tequila to the cat. But that, I think, would be a totally different story!)

We felt that howl wasn't worth living with, and we weren't making her an indoor-only cat, as we weren't making that kind of commitment to cats (yet). So... she got let out when she let us (and the whole neighborhood) know she wanted out.
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Go for it!
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And sorry - no tequila, but I can give you some rum!
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