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Pebbles is at the vets again!!

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I think I posted about her diarrhea - it seemed to go away, she had one bout on Sat but it stopped the day after so I didn't worry. She had a slight bit on Thurs night and Fri morning, but when I got home last night, she had some gunk coming out of one eye, no interest in coming for food, and she appeared dehydrated, so I rang the vet to book her in for this morning, good job I did as they were fully booked. I took her to the vet, and his recommendation was taking her to the emergency vets to be put on a drip for a couple of days as she was bout 5% dehydrated, but all he could feel was a slight thickening of the small intestine, and very kindly offered to take her over for me. The emergency vets have just rang, they quickly found out how uncooperative she was, and had put it down to the journey, so i told him that was normal behavour, they are going to give her a slight sedation so they can properly examine her, put her on a drip (I did warn them about her attacking when taken off last time), take bloods, try and get a fecal sample and also do an abdominal x-ray. Both vets have said that with her age, it is a worry in case of anything serious due to the length of time, so am feeling rather emotional again. Insurance company are going to love me, I only received the claim for the nose treatment this morning, and I imagine the claim for this diarrhea is going to be close to £200.
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Hope she feels better soon. Maybe just some kind of kitty flu bug.
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Thanks - I hope it is something simple.
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I am once again adding Pebbles to my thoughts and pray that this is just a bump in the road and passes quickly.
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Thanks a lot - can't believe something simple like diarrhea has resulted in this, and I hope this is something easily dealt with, and none of the 'unpleasant' things both vets have mentioned!!
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Well, emergency vets have just rang and all the tests have come back now, and everything is unremarkable - typical Pebbles!! The x-rays showed some normalish faeces in her colon, so they are going to wait and see what she passes before doing any treatment, but she is on a drip - he said her intestines could be slightly thick, but they can't tell for certain yet. I can ring later tonight for an update, as he doesn't think anything major will happen till then. If what she next passes is still runny, they will be running tests on it.
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Get well quick headbuts and soooooothing, soooooothing licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Sedative for human too.
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I unfortunatley have a baby shower to go to tonight, so I will be taking a large bottle of alcohol and hopefully coming home with none left!!
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Hang in there.... hic!
Calming vibes are on the way for you & sweet Pebbles.
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WEll, came home with 3/4 bottle, am going to have to learn how to drink - am not even drunk, just very tired!! Just spoken to the vet, and she has passed normal stools - although in her bed rather than the tray!! So, their first question was do I have more than one cat!! I said yes, but I watched her go this morning (sad of me, I know!!), so it couldn't have come from anyone else. They are now wondering if it is something more like a food intolerance, but unless she has suddenly developed an allergy to either meat or fish, nothing much has changed - the treats were introduced well before this flare up, as I am on my second bag of them, the only other new food they have had is the stuff i had leftover from Ginger, but that was over a week before this all flared up. They have some blood left, so they are going to send it off for pancreatic testing just in case, but I dont think he is holding much out for that. They are testing her poo though, and are going to monitor her till tomorrow in case she does pass anymore diarrhea. Will ring back tomorrow to see when I can pick her up.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
I said yes, but I watched her go this morning (sad of me, I know!!
A good Mommy watches her kitties poo when she can.
Their behavior during that process can tell us a lot about how they are feeling.
Don't you just love the expressions they get on their faces...

I hope that the vet gets to the bottom (no pun intended ) of Pebbles problem.
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Yeah, I suppose so!! I was forever watching Tom weeing too with him having cystitis!! I hope they figure it out - this mornings update is that she is still on a drip, not passed any diarrhea yet, so they are going to try and feed her a little to see what happens, as they dont want to give her any meds till they know what is giong on. They are not sure when she can come home yet, I will ring just after lunch, and if they dont think she will be coming home today, I will pop over and see her.
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I've just seen this!

Hopefully it's nothing serious and Pebbles is on the mend and will be home soon!

Many, many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading her way
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Thanks Sarah.
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Just spoken to the emergency vets again, she has eaten, but no more diarrhea. However, they still want to keep her in overnight, and I am going to see her in an hour or so.
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Awww....I know that she will be glad to see you.
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She was pleased to see me, bless her. She has her front right leg completely bandaged up with the drip, so moving isn't easy - and when she had a wee, she had to sit down, cos she couldn't balance enough, poor thing. Glad it is them having to wash her down rather than me though!! She has actually put a slight amount of weight on despite all this!! I have to ring mid morning, and hopefully they will be able to tell me when she can come home.
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Hope all is well headbuts and hurry on home licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for brave Pebbles!
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Just looking in to see how Pebbles is today
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She is home - sat on my knee as I type!! Not happy at the vets though, the cost was incredibly high, but will put a new post about that. Her leg has bled where they took the drip out though, but she wont let me clean it!!
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Awww....I am so glad that Pebbles is back home with you.
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