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Head Tumor

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Let me start from he begging, that’s usually the best place. November 11th of last year my cat was diagnosed with having a tumor behind the eye and was given 6 months at most to live. Well guess what nearly 1 year later he is still alive. In the last 6-7 weeks his tumor has really started coming out of his eye and it looks like a horn and he looks like a rhino. I know most of you are thinking I should put my cat down but he doesn't show any sign of pain, he is still social, and he still eats and begs for food. He is even a little playful, he thinks he’s a rhino too and sometimes tries to stab us with his horn. Well yesterday afternoon after coming home I found blood and his "horn". It fell off and now his face/eye is back to normal size but its flesh where the tumor was. Is the tumor falling off a good, bad, or no effect? Thanks I really appreciate your help.
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I would take him back to your vet and see what they have to say about it.
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Honestly, since we don't know your cat's actual diagnosis and never saw the tumor, only your vet can tell you for sure if it is a good or bad thing. Good luck to both of you .
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Thats what I was thinking but my vet basically told me last time that if I bring him back they would put him down. I have not been too pleased with my vet in this situation. They seem very cold and do not believe that my cat is actually still eating, playing, and happy. I admit he looks pretty ugly if hes happy I say let him live. My vet doesn't agree with that though. I've tried taking him back several times asking and the vet has not given me any info or helped me at all. It seems to me like all they want to do is put him down, no matter what.
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Maybe it's time to see anotehr vet??
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He's been at this vet now for 16 years and they have all his records and information. Its a little late now in the game to start taking him to a new place, don't you agree?
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Its never to late to get a 2nd opinion. I would if I was not happy with my vets care.
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I agree, no matter how long you've been going to this Vet if you aren't happy with the way he treats your cat then find a new Vet.
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It's not too late to find a new vet. By law in most places your vet has to provide you with a copy of your cat's chart. If you are not comfortable with your vet's recommendations, then start looking for a new one.
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Just to give you guys an update. He's still hanging on, actually he has been a little perkier lately and eating a little more again. Tomorrow is 1 year since he was diagnosed and was only given a skeptical 6 months.
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Bring the 'horn' and the cat to a second vet immediately. They can do a biopsy on the tumor.

Your vet is useless.
You are paying for medical service. If all they will do is patronize you and insist that the cat has to die, ask for the records (they WILL give them to you) and simply go elsewhere! Better yet, your new vet can call the old one and get the records. I'd do it that way since your vet appears to have complete disregard for you as welll as for the cat.
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I threw the horn away a long time ago. Also a biopsy is out of the question in his condition. He's way too far gone for it to make a difference now. Besides there are no more vets in my area.
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Well, it seems as though you have made your decision. I'd just try to be sure the cat isn't in pain or suffering.

BTW - I've changed vets 3 times for our cats and each time the old vet faxes the files to the new vet - no problem.
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Again its hard to change to another vet that doesn't exist. Today he is having a bad day. I think his time is coming to an end very shortly. I think he just wanted to make his 1 year mark, tomorrow.
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Your vet legally cannot put your cat to sleep unless you sign paperwork telling him to do so. If he refuses to give you the care and treatment you and your cat deserve, contact your state's veterinary board and file a complaint. Do a Yahoo search for "veterinary complaint" and your state, and it should provide you with a link.
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If I were in your shoes I wouldn't care about having his papers, I would switch vets, your paying money to get care for your cat and all they want to do is pts? Unless if it is THAT bad, then it's time for another opinion.

Are you medicating him, or putting anything in the eye to help with the healing process? What's happenen that makes you think it his time? If it is, and you know it, just take him to your current vet, I know it is a hard decision, but if he's going anyways, you might as well as make it peaceful =(

I am so sorry you are going through this, I know it must be hard.

Please keep us updated, ok?
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I agree with everybody on finding a new vet. Even though there are no more in your area, maybe find one as close to your area as you can? There is no reason for your vet to be treating you and your cat with that little respect. If I was a vet I'd be amazed that your cat lived as long as it has, esp. after only getting a 6 month life expectancy after the diagnosis. He should be doing everything he could to help your baby live as happily and healthily as it can. After all, it's his job, isn't it?
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The fact that he has lost 6lbs and he can barely eat because his cheek is swollen and its effecting his mouth.

Again there are NO MORE Vets in my area.
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I hate to say it, but it looks as if you have done all you can and that you have given him a longer life- with quality to it, than was expected. And that now his quality of life is going, maybe it is time to consider the alternative, hard though it is. It is so difficult, and you obviously care so much.
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As stated previously, your vet can't put your cat to sleep without your permission, so please don't avoid taking him to the vet for fear of this. It sounds like he needs to go back to the vet to be checked over and see what the tumour falling off means. If he's losing weight and not eating, it does sound as though he's deteriorating. The vet may be able to provide pain relief or do something to make things a bit easeir if you don't feel it's time to have him pts. Please don't let him suffer because you dont like your vet.
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Well his time has finally come to an end. Saturday he spit up his food and become very weak. Sunday he was a little better, he ate and walked around some but still weak. Today he refuses to eat and won't move from under my bed. As soon as the vet opens up I'm taking him. Its really a sad moment for me.
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just reading this for the 1st time.............oh I am sorry for all the grief you and your kitty have suffered..............but as your latest report suggests the time has come. It will be for the best, its not fair if the little mite is suffering and , well, his quality of life has certainly taken a dip.

Heres sending lots of to you and your kitty.
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