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Daily Thread: Saturday 4th November

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Morning everyone!

I was up nice and bright and early this morning to get my car to the Garage for his MOT and Service! He only needed some new wiper pins, so that's great!

Off to pick him up in a little while and then going to hit the charity shops! Rather cool today, so I'll be taking my gloves with me!

Hope you all have a good Saturday and there aren't too many fireworks (for us UKers!)

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Have a great day of shopping Sarah!, I wish I could join you

Today looks like it's going to be a very cool but clear day.

I'm just having my morning tea and getting ready for work. Have a great Saturday everyone!
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Good morning I'm up early.Its a very cold morning. My lawn is frosty.Not much planned for today. I think I just might go back to bed for a little more sleep.
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Hi guys,

I am sooo bored....Pete has just come off night shift so is sleeping, while i have to creep around the house

Cats are all sleeping and its a chilly day here.

Very tempted to go shopping but i dont have any money Cant complain to much tho' going on our holiday at the end of the month. 2 weeks in Cuba Sun, sea, sand and all inclusive food and drink

Down side is having to put my fur babies in a cattery, it always makes me so sad

Glad to hear your car made it through the MOT Sarah.

Last night there was lots of fireworks going off, dread to think what tonight will bring Petes works always have a display on so he will have to go to work early tonight to make it through the traffic queues. He wont be a happy bunny
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Morning everyone!
Hope you all enjoy your fireworks!
Me, I'll be working AGAIN! On the plus side, Sun is my day off so I can't wait until 3 today. Hopefully I get off on time. I'm sure looking forward to it. I'm getting a cold and really want to go back to bed. I can't wait until they either hire more people (ha ha!) or we get so tired that we end up hurting outselves and having to shut the store down due to lack of help.
Better go. Honey will be taking over the bathroom in a half hour, and I still have to get ready, I just have no energy to do it.
See ya! Enjoy the day for me!
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Good Morning all! I am up early (well, for a Saturday...) Dave had to work today and wouldn't you know, it's his birthday! Guess we'll do something special later.

Cold here too, 28 this morning. We're about 15 degrees below the norm.

Have a great day everyone!

BTW to Davie, Sar!
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As Tracy said, it is cool (well she says cool I say cold) but clear day, at -3c I am tempted not to go out and am thinking what a great idea hibernation is.

BUT I have lots to do, so thankfully, my BF had the day off yesterday and did most of the cleaning and laundry so I can do more of the fun stuff today, so the plan for today is going to the craft shop for card for my xmas cards that are now pretty much finished as far as designing, picking up more toys for my SS' kitties because Boomer decided that sharing just wasn't on his agenda today, grocery shopping.

I had planned on getting to the indoor driving range to practise for the winter golf tournament but my shoulder is killing me for some reason so its probably not a great idea.
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Morning all

I am eating honey nut cheerios, and about to get a coffee..

Last night Trout slept in the exact middle of my bed all stretched this caused me to uknowingly stretch my legs out while I was asleep, and I clear launched her right off the bed Poor thing..

Somehow, she ended up right back there when I woke up again...and my legs were contorted around her like a pretzel..

I am going to my cousins wedding today!! I am excited, except that it is only 3 degrees here today so I will freeze my butt off I'm sure..

Have a great day everyone
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My hubby has deserted me for the weekend. He's off in Toronto going to some seminar thingy. So I'm here alone getting lots of stuff done Well, I have lots to do but so far have only managed to have breakfast and stay on TCS for over 2 hours.
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All my cleaning and getting things done that I had planned have been slowed down. Brian is home sick. I'm tiptoeing around trying to not disturb him and take care of him at the same time. Last night his temp was 100.9...

And maybe this makes me a bad person, although I do love him dearly, but dang if he's not whiney and pitiful when he feels bad.
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Hey Natalie, did you manage to find a skirt for the wedding? Pictures, please.
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Cold here too! I've been up since the crack of dawn, cleaning, laundry, etc. Taking a break before vacuuming!
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Hey Natalie, did you manage to find a skirt for the wedding? Pictures, please.
Yes I sec I will take a pic.......
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Yes I sec I will take a pic.......
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Here is me for my cousins wedding: Does it look okay?

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Very cute Natalie!

I LOVE your shoes!
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It looks GREAT! Just right for a fall wedding!
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Thanks guys, I'm off now!!
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Have a great time. Are you going for the bouquet?
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Hope you have fun! I love the red top - very flattering.
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