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i found a kitty.. and lost a kitty

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Stopped at walmart today(that is taking your life in your own hands around here on friday) on the way home from work since it is the only store open.

Get out of the truck and i hear a kitty crying, after looking around for a few min , i see
a little one under a car. i reach under a car, pick him up. he looks good to me, not dirty, and he just layed down in my arm and started to purr(lol man it was loud for a kitty that looked to be about 4 months old) i kinda wonder what was going on, cause
he looked good, and from the pics i was thinking it looked like a Bengal, i am not expert when it comes to cat breeds. Just from the pic i have seen.

No one seems around , so i put him in my truck and go pick up the couple of items i need come back out , and a couple of spots down from where i parked there is a little girl crying and a mother and son looking around and yelling tiger come here, here kitty kitty, so i of course asked if they lost something, the little girl goes i lost my baby , he got out of the car,the mother said they had just gotten the cat this morning, and had been waiting for him for 7 months, they had stopped on the way home to pick up some supplies for the kitten, since they only had adult cat food at home.

so of course i gave them there kitten back
PS it was a Bengal dang he was cute, i wanted to keep him
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If it wasn't for your location, I would have thought you were talking about this story

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haha wow, i wonder if it that kitty was sent to ohio?
that would be to funny if it was the same one

heeh dont hate me but to me all little kids look the same,
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That was my thought too!!!!

You hero you...well done!!! Now the question begs to be asked...why wasn't the kitten in a carrier?
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Yes, I'd explain to the little girl that the kitty needed a carrier. Mom could make that her next purchase. I don't think they would need much convincing after that incident.
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To me its weird that the kittenwas outside under a car Why would they leave it outside of the car to go into Walmart?? Isn't it obvious, it would run away?
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I think he said the kid said he got out of the car so they must have left a window cracked not knowing that cats are good at getting through small spaces.
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That was one lucky kitty! I hope they went right back into the store and bought a carrier!
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Sure would have been an expensive lesson had you not found him
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I'm glad you were able to reunite the kitty with the owners- I just hope the owner gets some common sense next time and keeps the cat in a carrier when transporting him.
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I'm glad the kitty was found by you.
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