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Sort of funny, but problematic

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Tonks-kitty has been acting sort of weird the past couple of mornings. He's always been insistant at mealtimes, though he usually confines this to waking me up by crying and lately chewing on my hair or licking my nostrils, both of which I hate. Yesterday morning, I woke up with his teeth around my trachea, which is funny to talk about but was absolutely bizarre and a little bit scary when it happened. (He's still fairly small, but that doesn't really factor in when you wake up with something biting your throat.) And this morning, after I fed him, he didn't curl up on my stomach and go back to sleep like usual. He kept annoying me and finally bit me hard on the cartilige part of my ear and made me bleed.

I'm not entirely sure what, other than his usual wanting of food, could posess him to act like this. I'm getting him neutered later this month, and I'm hoping that could help calm him down, but I'd like to hear suggestions for how to curb this behavior now.
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The best thing to do is to ignore him entirely when he is trying to wake you--hard to do with teeth at your throat, I know. You may want to find something to interrupt him, like canned air, so that you aren't giving him any attention when you try to get him to stop. Is there anyway you can keep him out of the bedroom?

It's a hard battle. I'm always fighting it with Odo--he bites my head and pulls my hair hard sometimes. When I can't ignore it, I nudge him off the bed. Whatever else I do, I do not get up to feed him. That just reinforces the behavior.
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