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telecommuters (serious question....not an ad)

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Just wondering if there's anyone out there who telecommutes? Is this really a feasable alternativetoa 9-5 job?

You maybe wondering, "Why post here"? I wanted to see, outside of those JOB/CAREER websites & forums, if there is really is such an opportunity?

Especially, if anyone knows if there really is a shortage for medical transcriptioninist or is it just a scam? This seems to be one of the few fields that is geared for working at home.

Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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I have been searching desperately for a work from home job and the pickings seem to be extremely limited. There is need for Medical transcription - but you have to have an education for that and around here the necessary courses cost $1500 - $3000, something I cannot afford. Medical Billing is the same way - they want those who have passed courses in this.

I have also found a TON of scams - they seem legit at first and then you get into it and discover you are required to post their "work from home" ads onto every website and newspaper you can get hold of in exchange for 25cents an add... not a lot of money considering how much it costs to put the ad in the local newspapers in the first place.

I have also tried getting a typing business going from home, but I cannot find any local businesses willing to take a shot on a "stranger". So I admit, it is frustrating, but I really don't want to return to work until both kids are in school full-time - and at this point my hubby's job of 24 years is on the line because the company is nearing bankruptcy... so I am still desperately searching too.
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I do know of one person who successfully works out of their home but wouldn't be considered a telecommuter. There is a man in my town who has successfully been selling Watkins Products for at least 20 years and is one of their highest level distributers. He has gone on to open a small store specializing in Watkins Products. Here is a link to the Watkins Products Website for anyone who is interested. http://www.watkinsonline.com/default.cfm I think it is very rare to be successful with this type of opportunity, but it can be done.
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I have a good friend who is a medical transcriptionist, and she works out of her home. However, she worked on-site at the company for years and only started working at home when she had a baby. She tried to quit out-right, but they loved her so they offered her this arrangement. It's not typical, I don't think.

I have an eBay business that brings in extra money. It's going well, although it's a bit slow in the summer. This is something that works great for a stay-at-home mom (I have two), and I can bring in decent money. I use all the money on myself and the house, which is nice after asking hubby for money for years.
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eBay/Half.com can do okay, if you have the merchanside others want and be prepared for a TON of competition. I used to sell books online, but it is not reliable income when you need a steady hourly job, and in my case one guy ordered a collectible Stephen King book, read it and decided he didn't like the book. He returned it to Half.com who then made me give back the money the book sold for, plus postage and handling back to them and then back to me - I lost a huge amount in postage there - and then I got the book back and it had food stains on a number of pages as well as a ripped cover... so the book was damaged. I went to eBay/Half and their customer service guy told me that is the risk you take selling with them. Needless to say, I no longer use them for anything.

I have been looking into it - and the advice I have gotten is to develop some product - ie. craftwork - that might appeal to others and try to begin selling it online. I am trying that route next and will see how it goes.
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Thanks everyone....wasn't sure if anyone would respond

Seems like when you go on to the work-at-home sites, they say telecommuting is the wave of the future,.....companies are beginning to outsource work,.......it saves them money,..... blah, blah, blah. But yet, I have not met anyone who actually works from home as a typist, data entry, or med transcriptionist. And if you really want to see their job listing, you have to join and pay for it. Some seems legitimate but probably a lot are not. Gotta watch for those scams!

Way too much info. to sift through on the information super highway

Anyway thanks again and good luck on your search, Autumngirl.
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Be very careful of scams! Like the ones where they say, work from home stuffing envelopes, etc etc.....then you have to pay $$ to just get the kit. Its a rip off.

I work from home, I opened a daycare when we bought our own home. I am licensed by the state, which in and of itself is a long tedious process. But in the end its well worth it, and its very good money if you are good w/ kids.
I make for a full time child ( 8-10 hours per day 5 days a week ) $600 per month. I am licensed for up to 5 kids, but I don't keep all my slots filled. I usually keep 2 or 3 filled at all times. Its really good money, and I'm home w/ my kids. Not to mention, when you run a business out of your home you get a lot of tax perks. My utilities, food, etc are all a deduction now because a percentage of it is for my business.

I hope you find something that works for you!
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I went that route once before - went through the state process - took all the required classes and then opened for business. I had 3 kids plus my own two in my care - charging $2 an hour per kid and lost two kids because the parents (an IBMer and an ER Nurse) said it was too expensive paying me $120 a week for the two kids for the hours they were there. So I gave up - even after lowing my price to $80 a week full time - I still got it was too expensive - so there was just no point in it.
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Wow, thats too bad it didn't work for you. It must be different in different parts of the country. I run my daycare as a "business", I have it set up like a home business instead of like a "babysitting" type of thing. When I got licensed, I registered my daycare name w/ the town, so I am in the yellow pages and all that good stuff.

I also take in State Kids, which are kids who have a single parent on welfare. I actually bill the state of MA for their care and they send me a check each month. Those are my favorite kids, and I am doing something to help out a parent in need.

As far as the "its too much money " aspect, I charge what is the going rate here in New England, actually I am a bit on the low side. Most people charge about $160 per week here, but I only charge $150. I've never had difficulty in keeping my slots filled, and I've never been without a child ( so far ).

I guess you just have to do what works for you.
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I have my own business, but only work about 3-5 hours a day at it, and was looking for some sort of supplementary job I could do on my own schedule. I've signed up with several "secret shopper" companies in the past week, but haven't heard anything back. A few you could apply to on-line, a couple others needed a hard copy snailed to them. I went to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website, and they have a shoppers message board there. I read through a page or two of the posts, and it seems like it's a "real" thing, although you'd probably be pretty hard pressed to do it as a full-time job unless you were in a very large center. Since you have to remain anonymous, they obviously don't want the same people showing up all the time...

I live in a city of about a million people, so I'm hoping I can make a little extra money doing this. We'll see how it turns out.
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I have done that in the past and for the most part it is an easy route to a few dollars - but most do not pay loads.

I used to do a lot for KMart. Twice a month I would get sent to the store for $10 a trip (it was a 30 mile drive so in the end it just wasn't worth it.) I had to go in, pretend I was really interested in buying something and ask all kinds of questions. Then when the job was complete, I faxed in the paperwork and two weeks later the check would arrive. However, depending on where you live, the jobs can be limited. Around here - I did shops for the Post Office and for KMart - that is all that was available for me in Vermont. If you live nearer big cities - it can be worth your time!!
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