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help! cat just lost it!

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Hey guys, I was searching on the internet for some info about what just happened at my apartment and stumbled across this site. I have to cats, they are brothers...patrick and hugh they are just under a year old and are always inside. They get along great and I've never even heard them hiss, till about 30 minutes ago. I heard something at the door, so I walked towards it and opened it, to see why the cats were staring at it....there was a black cat trying to get in...I quickly closed the door and immediately hugh went crazy, attacked me and just went nuts. I got him off my hand (after getting scratched up) and he attacked patrick....I've just never seen him act like this ever. Should I be concerned? I finally got them seperated, and they seem to be fine now. Could just seeing or smelling that other cat have that kind of effect on hugh? thanx for any help or suggestions!
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Sometimes, a cat will get very riled up when they see another cat outside. If you happen to come along at the wrong time or try to remove them from the situation, you end up being the target of that pent up aggression.

My suggestion is to leave Hugh alone if you see him trying to stare down a cat outside. You also might want to put something outside to make that area unattractive to outdoor cats.

Are your cats fixed? Unneutered males will be territorial. Some cats are just more dominant than others and it doesn't matter if they are fixed or not, they don't want anyone else on their territory that they don't know. hth And hope your hand feels better!
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It sounds like your kitty redirected on the other. It seems like he got really worked up over the other cat and then you came in and *moved* and so he redirected his frustration onto you and then his bro.

I would keep an eye on their relationship, but if they're always been cool, I don't think it would be too big of a deal.
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thanx guys! I was just worried the most that it might change there relationship, cause they are constanly loving to each other. they are now walking around sniffing things (including each others butts...haha). but a few minutes ago hugh went back to the door and hissed at patrick again when he came to it. it's a solid wood door, so they can't see any other cats...but maybe he can smell it's presence?
my cats aren't fixed....I better make a vet appointment first thing monday!
oh, and I've seperated them for a bit till hugh can get all settled down, is that a good idea?
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If they are unneutered then that is a huge factor as to why this happened. Unneutered males are very agressive and territorial. He didn't mean to hurt you but he was freaking out. You where right there. You get the picture. So make sure they are neutered, buy some Feliway and keep the door shut.

It could also be that the black cat was a female. If they are unneutered then it is basically the same idea.
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Yes, you should neuter your cats, of course, but just a warning - that 'other cat outside' business will go on anyway - usually settles down in half an hour or so, especially if you can separate yours for a little while, but neutering won't make it go away... what you need to do, if anything, is find out who owns the outside cat, ask them to keep him at home (good luck!) and/or if he's a stray, take him to a shelter (if he keeps harrassing your guys).
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