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Nathan the Wonderful!

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Hello All Again,

I really needed to post tonight... Tomorrow morning at 11:30 Nathan is going to the giant catnip fields. It is time. Part of me feels so guilty- but I know I am doing to the right thing for him. We are at my parents home in the country where he loves to dash out the door only to stop at the grass, plop down, and dare me to tell him get back in the house. This is the best resting place for him. He is having a hard time getting up- he will walk around a little- but he won't really eat anymore. It is better to do this now before he is in too much pain or starves himself to death. Tomorrow is going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have never had to do this before.

I have a question for all of you who have been through this before. Have you brought the body to the companions (brother and sister kitties and puppies) to say goodbye? I read on some sites that this can help the others. They said sometimes they won't search for the companion once they have seen the body. Any advise?

When I get home I will post some good pictures of Nathan and his brother Skye. Thanks you guys...
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I am sorry to hear this but as Nathan's mom you know what's best for him, and you are very brave. When my Bella died in Sept., we let them all smell her so they would know she smelled different and had gone to Heaven. It's really up to you, and what you think your kitties need. Please accept my sincere condolences, we are all here for you.
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I have heard it can make it easier for companions. Some places offer home euthanasia, so that may be a good option for the kitty and his companions.

I'll be thinking of you, I know it's difficult even though it's the right thing to do.
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I am so sorry you have to face this now, but I am sure you are making hte right decision for him.

I let the others see and smell Napoleon after I brought him home and washed him ( I had to - he was such a mess). They had different reactions - Dushka ignored him, Persil explored round him a bit, Ellie was definitely frightened and wouldn't go very near, and Wellington wanted to sniff and and then licked his brother's ear as he lay in his box. But they all looked for him anyway afterwards, especially Wellington, who cried around the house and searched every room for over a week. So I don't know if seeing him helped or not.
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Bless you and dear Nathan. You are doing what is best for him and you are brave to let him go before the pain gets too bad.
Play with him, keep him happy, and tell the others afterward.
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Thank you all...

Bella I am so sorry for your loss too. I just read what you went through with your beautiful Bella. And thank you Jenny- I'm sorry to her about Napoleon. And thank you Fats for the words of advise. I know I am doing the right thing, but oh my heart is breaking. But you all know exactly what that is like. Besides, Nathan doesn't even want to hang out with me any more. He used to cry when I would walk out the door for even 5 minutes (drove my husband crazy- the sound and the fact that Nathan would never do that for him ). Thank you for being here for me. 2 hours and 15minutes to sit here and wait (and going back upstairs to pet Nathan even if he doesn't want to see me)...
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I'm so sorry.I know how you must be feeling right now. Hugs for you .
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Saying goodbye to a beloved kitty, is the most difficult time that any of us face.
We will be with you in spirit.
You are loved precious Nathan.
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I have no advice regarding the companions, as Molly was an only cat, I just wanted to let you know that you and Nathan are in my thoughts
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Time to get ready to go...

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Oh Melanie
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Take care Melanie...
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Thinking of you and sending strength vibes.
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You are in my thoughts.
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