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Cat Recently Neutered- Urine Still Smells

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I recently adopted a 9 month old stray cat from animal control. He was just neutered 7 days ago and I'm wondering if I can expect the the smell of his urine to tone down at all....and how long before that happens? Right now the smell is incredibly strong. He's been checked out by a vet and was given a clean bill of health. I've been feeding him Royal Canin dry food and he's drinking plenty of water.

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I can't remember exactly how long, but I think within another week or so you should start to notice the difference, (or should I say not notice it?)
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It can take as much as a month, but it will probably be much less noticable within the next couple of weeks. I hear ya on the stink ... intact male cat spray is simply disgusting. *ack*
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Thanks for the replies! Well its been another week and his urine still reeks.. I'm doing my best to wait it out. Hopefully it will improve soon.
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The Royal Canin is a good food, but you might want to try adding a wet food at least once a day for a little extra hydrating. I'm just guessing, but that may help tone down the urine some.

I know how you feel ecause the last feral I had fixed had to spend about a month in the house in the cat playpen waiting to be fixed and he was one powerful smelling tomcat.

One of the things I ended up doing was getting a City Pet Ionizer to help keep the odor down.

They aren't expensive and I keep the unit on top of the cat playpen.

I hope his smells settle down soon for you.
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I feel your pain - my 6 month old tomcat's urine is now eyewateringly acrid. He is being neutered next tuesday, I hope it doesn't take too long for the scent to ease up a bit.
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I haven't' had much luck getting him to eat wet food. I will try again. I also ordered him a Catit fountain- hopefully he'll drink some additional water and dilute the urine a little. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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It'll take about a month maybe a little longer till all the hormones in his body wear out that make the urine smell.
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