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Gizmo's One Year Anniversary

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One year ago (on November 4, 2005, to be exact) a young girl brought a shy, polite little four year old cat to my house. An online advertisement described the cat as 'small, agile, declawed female'. I answered the ad and arranged to meet the cat and the girl. The cat was to spend the weekend with me and we would see how she 'auditioned'. The girl did not want the cat back--she and her husband were giving Gizmo away since 'the dog terrorized her'. They had also not taken Gizzy to the vet for one year.

The cat had only two small pathetic toys to her name, but she was inquisitive and playful and made friends quickly. It took her very little time to come out from under the living room sofa and play with the nice cat teaser I'd purchased for her.

After a few hours Gizmo stood by the front door and politely asked to go home. I told her this was her home now. And so it is.

Happy Anniversary, Gizmo! It's been fun! That girl's loss was my gain--I have no idea why anyone would not want to keep a smart, neat, funny little girl like you.
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What a beautiful story for a very beautiful girl!
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I know now that Gizmo was sick, and the kids knew it too...she had asthma and allergies.
No shelter would have kept her alive for long once she started they had that much affection for her, to try and find a home for her with someone like me who might look after the cat's health.

I think Gizmo's in much better shape now than she was when I got her...she's sitting here right now purring in my lap. I certainly don't regret taking her in.
She even modeled for my book cover and she gets a thank you in the credits.

And what a photo hog she is!

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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post

I love it! She's like "What?"
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Aw - what a sweetie pie! Loki has asthma too - it can be pretty scary for them! Thank God Gizmo found a loving home with you!
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I just love that 2nd photo! Priceless.
So glad she found a good, caring home.
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Yes, Mission sofas might have been designed for a cat's comfort. Gizzy slept here for the first few days and then decided to come into the bed and give me a 'happy paws' massage on my right shoulder. She's been doing that every night ever since. It was painful at first but worth it...since she's showing she's happy.

She's here with me again as I type this (my hands can fit around her as she sits on my lap since she is a small cat.)

We had Bed Mice today, lots of toy chasing, and NO medicine this morning...she was a LOT cheerier and more playful!

I think she knows what day this is. She was extremely affectionate this morning, putting paws on arms, and we slept with our heads on the same pillow.
She even let me sleep til Five (give or take a few bed mice before then).

She's a wonderful little girl.
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The sofa picture also shows the 'kitty cheese' that is one of her favorite toys. It's actually large enough for the cat to crawl into and the holes vary in size. I put her mink-tail-on-a-string into one of the holes and she fishes for it. It's a very well designed toy that even fits in with the livingroom furniture.

The three bears in the shots are actually tops. They tumble and roll when pushed. Gizmo LOVES to play with the rolly bears. Maybe someone should make them for cats.
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Happy Anniversary Gizmo!
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Thank you for the nice wishes.
After another futile attempt to feed Gizmo wet food (this time Merricks' turkey dinner) I've thrown in the towel--she loves her bunny chow and is doing just fine on it, so that's it for now.

Someone at the farmers' market gave me a 'cat bouquet' of herbs that cats like to eat and Gizmo's been happily chowing down on it as well.
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Awwww Gizmo....
Happy Anniversary sweetie.
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Gizmo's beautiful! Happy anniversary to her!

What kind of medicine do you give her for her asthma? Penelope takes Flovent twice a day.
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Happy Anniversary Gizmo! What a sweet little girl and what a happy story. Thank you for sharing Gizmo with us.
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Gizmo isn't on any medication since her asthma appears to be pretty mild...but after two wheezing attacks since closing the windows for winter two weeks ago, she's getting another chest x ray next week. If there is no improvement over last year, she may need meds.

Meanwhile she is a happy, purring little girl...sitting right here at the computer and being petted as I type. Fortunately she is a small cat.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Oh my goodness!!!!! Gizmo you certainly know that your home is where the heart is sweetie!
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