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It's been a while (update and questions)

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Hello everyone, it's been a little while since I last visited. Hope everyone is doing well.

First, I wanted to give an update on the kittens- Everest and Charlotte. They are doing very well and are getting big. The lady that I adopted them from is coming over to see them next week and she is very excited. Charlotte is more of a lap cat. She will literally force her way into your arms where she will promptly go limp like a ragdoll, purring away with her eyes closed while being pet. Everest is real "chirpy" and likes to show his affection by rubbing the side of his face against mine and "kissing" the tip of my nose. Sometime this month they are going into be "fixed".

The problem that I am having concerns my twelve year old male, Shadow. A couple of weeks ago things were going great with the adjusment between he and the kittens. They would even lay near each other on the bed. Over the past week Shadow has taken to pretty much keeping himself in the living room, kitchen, bathroom- everywhere but the bedroom. He'll walk around and look at things, eats, drinks, uses the box but he hasn't been playful or vocal like he usually is. He also growls at me when I pick him up. I'm not sure what to do. I called my vet and am going to make an appointment to have him checked out and possibly get some tests done.

I do have some questions:

Could his behavior be related to the kittens maturing and the possibility of them giving off odors or scents?
Could the above be causing him to "sulk"?
Could it be Shadow's age and that he's starting to "feel it"?
My biggest concern would be a health issue which is why I'm taking him to the vet ASAP. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? All comments, help and suggestions are welcome.

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I would guess its the kittens maturing. How old are they now? Its risky having brother/sister kittens and not being spayed/neutered. If they are over 4 months old, you stand a very real chance of them mating.

Please get both fixed as soon as you can. I'd get her done first as the male takes about a month to be "sperm-free" and if he's done first and the female comes into heat, he can still get her pregnant.
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Bryan I think you pin pointed the problem exactly. I also think it's the kittens maturing especially the male. How old are they now?

It's good that you are going to have Shadow looked at just to make sure it's not medical. All the best to you and your cats!
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Sorry for the delay in replying- work nights.

The kittens are around six months in age. When I talk to my vet this coming monday I'm going to tell her that I need to get Charlotte in to be spayed as soon as she has an opening available.

Thanks for the responses and the help.

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