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Since I haven't been in a while, I don't know if there's a post with my dilemma. Before I start, I'm glad to see that familiar names are still posting and helping others less knowledgable like me.

My Matilde has a flea problem and with monthly Frontline treatments for her, Monty and Maxi, the problem doesn't seem to go away. I am doing Frontline and the flea comb. My theory - and I'm almost sure I'm right - is that fleas are all over the apartment. Since I rent, a tent is out of the question, as the owner is the one that makes that decision and he's kinda cheap...

I can also bomb the place and bring the three of them to the office, but that means that we need t get prepare to a whole production of moving cats's beds, litter boxes, toys, food, water, so they are comfortable. And this is ok, but oh gosh... I'm dreading it. If I have no choice I'll do it, but perhaps one of you have a better alternative as of what to use to fumigate.

Please help and thanks in advance!!!!
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You may be interested in this, I have heard good things about it from a friend who has several cats that had the problem.

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If you've noticed no fleas on or biting you then I am guessing your infestation probably isn't too bad.

Get some Diatamaceous Earth, (food grade), and sprinkle that into all your carpets. Use a broom to work the DE into the carpets and leave that way a couple days. Whenever vacuuming DE, DO NOT use a bagless vacuum as the powder can clog the filter and cause the motor to burn out.

In the meantime ask your vet about getting some Advantage or Revolution to use on your fur-kids. Frontline has been around so long and used so much that many fleas demonstrate a resistance to it now.

The DE works in two ways to kill fleas. It dehydrates them completely and the powder which is kind of ground up shells cuts insects up on the inside. It is not a poison or toxic in any way and will not harm humans or warm blooded animals.

If all that doesn't work then I'd think bombing the home would be the next step.

Good luck to you!
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Thank you for the good advice. I will try the Capstar along with the DE. And then the massive bombing - will let you know!
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