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Alex is Fed up

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We were in the hallway and he attacked me. So since we were in the bathroom and i said no, and turned off the light, and shut the door. And when he had been in timeout he attacked me.
Today alex was just sitting on the couch and oscar jumped up and attacked the crap out of him. And then ran away and hid to the bed room. Well i shut the bedroom door and turned out the light and left him in there for 5 minutes. He kept meowing. It was so hard to keep him in there. I let him out when 5 was up. And as soon as i let him out he attacked me.
Just now alex was laying on the couch and he just attacked him with nails and all. and took off.
Its like he doesn't learn.
He doesn't know listen to a fern "no", or a waterbottle.
He does need neutred but know what to do intil then.
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Well cats don't really 'get' disciplining, time outs or much else, it just makes them more rebellious - they have a really hard time with things like cause and effect! Until he's neutered, there isn't a lot that's going to really make a big difference unfortunately and you may just have to do the best you can, though if you haven't tried Feliway, I suggest you do so as it may help some.
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what is felliway? i've never heard of that before. Alex said that he wants to give him up. but i don't want to. He is my child so to speak. i guess he needs to be neutred sooner than later
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Neutering your cat will solve most of the aggression problems. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to get, so get him fixed as soon as possible.

Feliway is a fake 'calm' cat hormone. Humans can't smell it and cats are reassured by it. But in your case, only neutering that boy is going to slow him down.
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okay. thank you for all the help
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