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Treats for cats.

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When I go and buy Kiki's food and litter. I can not believe all the different kinds of treats there are to choose from. Well I have tried several kinds. I have tried the hard and soft kinds and many different brands. Since she doesn't like them I end up taking them to my parents house. Kiki just looks at me when I give it to her and she thinks that it is a toy. She will sit and play with it in the kitchen floor for hours or until she gets bored. She has no interest in them at all. I really want to find some kind that she likes. Any ideas????
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Some cats just don't like treats. I had a crew of four, who wouldn't eat anything chicken-flavored and on who wouldn't eat ANY kind of treat.
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Maybe she doesn't understand that they are food for her. Try breaking them in two & putting in her food dish. Also try breaking & grinding them up between your fingers & letting her smell your fingers.

Try the Pounce brand of treats.

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Another thought..

If she's only used to wet food, then dry food will be strange to her. You could try using water to moisten 2 or 3 treats.

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Kiki gets dry and moist food. I keep her dry food out all day so she can munch when she wants to and I give her moist food in the morning and in the evening. Thanks for all the replies.
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Have you tried some boiled chicken ?
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Socks likes the occasional bit of cold cooked corn and cold chicken off the rotiseree as treats. She only gets them a couple times of months. Do you guys think that's bad for her? She doesn't much care for packaged treats, either.
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The only treats I've found that Ivo likes are dried treats from Kookamunga, the catnip company. I know they have salmon and chicken flavors, and all flavors include catnip. I give them to her infrequently, but always after I cut her nails or have to do something she doesn't like. When I'm done cutting her nails, she'll run to the counter where I have the treats and wait for me to give them to her. It's strange that Ivo likes them because she could care less about catnip. Oh, well, she is female....
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It took a little time to get Arizona to realize that the treats were indeed edible.

She LOVES baby food, though (the meaty kind, of course)--maybe you could try a dab of that?
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Our kitties love everything we give them. But their favorite is the teeny piece of chicken that we'll give them, usually off the barbecue. We just make sure that it is a small piece of meat well "inside" so that they don't get any of the smoked part from the grill. Boiling chicken would accomplish the same thing. When we first polled our friends about cat treates, chicken, tuna or salmon always came back as the favorite. Happy Hunting! :tounge2:
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