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Suspect my cat is a form of Maine Coon could that explain some of his personality?

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Hello everyone. I got on this board because my cat Shadow is sick and I am learning so much that I am now addicted so sorry for all the questions so soon in my membership. I honestly will not become a nusance (I hope).

Just wondering, I suspect that Dumpster is partly Maine Coon. He has the markings and from what I've read the tempermant of this breed. He is definately a "gentle giant" he's shy, has the water replelling fur, the markings, the large build, and high pitched almost not existant cry.

Does anyone else on this board have a Maine Coon? Just wondering what thier personalities are like and if they are as sweet as my Dumpster. I love him dearly even if he leaves me presents on my kitchen floor. Hence the name Dumpster!

I am wondering if his behavior is abuse induced because I am not his first owner or if it's anything common with this breed. Here a a few of his unusual quirks that I'd love for anyone to share if thier cats have the same strange personalities.

He is shy and hides around kids and new adults mostly men

He is afraid or the outdoors

He is afraid of plastic bags and being picked up

His meow are almost faint squeaks

He drools when I pet him (maybe he has an overbite?)

He is so gentle and a big sweetie - like an oversized kitten

Won't use litter to go number 2, only smooth linolium (kitchen floor) or a clear plastic tray that I got from a pet store that was to be placed under a bird cage to catch seeds.

When I moved he hid under the stairs. He got through an opening too small for him to fit back out. He didn't even cry he was so scared. I called in an extreminator to find him, no luck. By sheer luck we cut a board under the stairs and there he was. We couldn't get him out through the opening we had to saw him out!

I've always thought that he was abused by previous owners and I have pampered him. I NEVER punish him for leaving Dumps on the floor. But he's still a scardy cat. I honestly don't know why he would have such fear attributed to so many different stimuli unless he was abused. Can anyone relate either with this breed or an abused cat with similar habits?

- Just a fun question - Not too important like my Shadow's scary health problems. I can deal with and pamper Dumpster until he feels safe again. (It's been about three years that I've adopted him)

I am glad everyone helped me with Shadow!! She's feeling a little better after the vet visit yesterday and I've been doing alot of research thanks to all of you. With the new vet and this board I should be a more informed meowmy!!!!
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Hi, lots of cats don't like crinkly plastic (if that's the kind you mean). M. coons can have little voices, and may be skittish at times. I would definitely see the vet about possible dental problems however (when you pet him). Try a different type of litter, possibly introducing it in little bits to his plastic bin - something very soft to start out with, and maybe gradually mixing it with a clumping type over time.
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We have a Maine Coon, Jasmine, who belonged to my husband before we met. We think she is a purebred; her original owner was a breeder; Jasmine was surrended to a shelter when the lady died of cancer, and there was nobody to take her. We think this has formed her behavior in some ways, as we think she was an only cat (that is, only pet cat) of the lady mentioned. Maine Coons are supposed to get along well with other cats--hahaha--not our Jazzy! She loathes other cats, always hissing and swatting at them at the slightest provocation (or none at all!). However, she never really fights with them. On the other hand, she mothers the other cats by licking their anal areas like a mother cat! I've observed her doing this to all of our 8 cats, except for Hobbes, whom she detests--and who is the sweetest, most gentle guy (he's an abused stray we took in.) I think this is due to her fromer "top cat" status. She's GREAT with humans, though--not a mean bone in her body! She is a most dignified Maine Coon; when she starts fighting with the others, we call her, "B*tchy Coon"! She has a rather normal, but quite soft meow, not the trill that other Maine Coons have. She is fascinated by water, as they are supposed to be; and also likes to use her front paws to catch things, as they are supposed to do. Jasmine's favorite activity is to sit regally on "her" chair (my new one, which I can hardly sit on now), and look down distainfully on her non-Maine Coon subjects.

I think at least 2 out of my 4 fosters are part Maine Coon; 1 of them seems to be a classic grey/brown tabby Maine Coon. One is a sleek, black fellow, with a gorgeous plume tail--all black, with yellow eyes. His brother is spotted tabby, tan, shorter coat, but with that wonderful tail. (The sister is a domestic short-hair; tan, tabby-striped, and very cute.)

I ADORE Maine Coons! I know folks who have them, and they are so in love with the breed.

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KittenKiya is a Maine Coon Cross and I love this cat with all my heart. He gets along with anyone and everyone. I have only heard him spit once and it was Tammy-Timmy's fault.

He loves to sit on my bed and when he wants attention, he sticks out his paw and touches my arm. "Oh, KittenKiya, you want huggins and lovings?" and he gets his hugs and pets. If I don't do it enough, out comes the paw and I get touched on the arm. When he is finished, he goes down to the end of the bed and lays down and watches tv with me. He is quiet, so gentle, God I love this cat.

I know one thing, when KittenKiya crosses the Rainbow Bridge (never I hope), there will always be a Maine Coon in my house.
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