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Keeping outdoor cat warm

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I went to pick up a 12 year old male cat today. I got there and saw that he was semi feral and realized I cannot take him into my apartment for the week. I plan to take him to a sanctuary next Saturday but in the meantime he is outside, he is old, going deaf, missing an ear, missing/cracked teeth, etc.

What can I put out for him to stay warm? He has a big plastic box with stray in it. Is this enough? He is at a trailer park and a woman has been caring for him. She feeds him and put out the box for him. He will approach her and approached me too but will not be touched anywhere but his head and will nip if you pet him too much. He will not fall for traps because the lady told me she has tried trapping him before and it didn't work. I will still try if I need to.

But ya, so can I do anything else to keep him warm? He has shelter and the straw box. Check out his picture...isn't he kinda creepy looking?...but adorable of course.

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Back when I had an outside dog, I used a regular heat lamp when the weather was cold. In my case, I installed it in his doghouse. Just make sure the lamp is shielded from getting wet from rain...
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I saw that kitty on craigslist, you're taking him to TR I'm guessing? The resue group that I get my leukemia cats from sometimes also works with TR.... anyway, yes that is one crazy looking cat, hellcat gone bad poor thing
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... I think he's so cute.
He'd fit right in with my motley crew of cropped ears and snaggle tooth looks.

It sounds like he will be fine for the next week till you can get him to shelter. Steve is always commenting on our cats when they lay out on the walk in the cold Michigan weather, but I remind him that they do have their coats on and do come in when they've had enough. I suspect if he feels cold he will get in his box with the straw.
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Aww I think he's cute too....but then again I've never seen or met a cat I didn't think was adorable!
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We have a semi-feral outdoor cat that has adopted us and my neighbor. We leave the back door in our garage open for him and have set up food, water, and a little nest with a heating lamp over it. I can't bring him in with our 6 cats who are indoor cats. My neighbor had him fixed and vaccinated, and she has food and a sleeping area set up in her garage too. Everyone involved has become attached to him.
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