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New here /Sterlisation Aftercare

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i am really happy to be joining this site as I found so much help on the website.
My cat's name is Tula is a striped, grey, black and has a lovely white tummy to scratch. She is a good mouse catcher... she catches the real thing but never eats it only leaves it on the doormat as evidence of a job well done.

we have also got a labrador 2 weeks after we got our cat.... they not the best of friends during the day but at night they sleep together on the same blanket.

Tula has to get sterilised soon - she is now 6 months old. I am a bit worried how to go about caring for her after her sterilisation, she lives outside with her best friend but after the sterilisation I want to keep her inside till the wounds heal. The vet said I should wait till she is 9 months old before sterilising her but I think it is too long to wait. What do you guys think???
It is winter at the moment and pretty cold outside - it will be a disaster if she falls pregnant as one of my neighburs poisons cats when they come onto her property. Unfortunitily we cannot prove it... real witch.

Anyways please can some one give me advise as to how to care for my feline friend ....

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6 months is plenty old to be spayed. I would keep her inside until the incision heals and if you have a neighbor poisoning cats I'd be inclined to keep her in all the time myself.
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I wanted to have her spayed at 8 weeks but in Germany no vet wants to do it till the cat is 6 months old. luckily she has been a good girl. She has one cat friend - gypsy - he is sterilised. But lately I noticed another BIG tortiseshell ... I have not idea who is his or her owner... so that is why I want to get Tula done ... this guy could be visiting her...

I would love to keep her inside but we live on a farm and she loves going outside and climbing the trees and sleeping in my flowerbeds.... my husband does not like her being inside at night cause she meows and rearranges our plants and the rest of the house... she is too bored inside I think.
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Welcome Nadia and Tula:

Wie gehts?

As the other poster said, six months is PLENTY old enough for sterilization; many vets advocate it at four months here. It is also highly advisable to keep cats indoors all the time and never let them outdoors. "My" nine do really well indoors! Especially if you have a criminal like the woman you describe on the scene, protecting your cat is a MUST. Can you keep her inside? It's very little work scooping a litterbox, and the "clumping" litters are wonderfully protective and hygienic, if you follow directions and keep the box clean. Personally, the only way I would ever let a cat in my care outdoors is if the only access was to a roofed, completely screened patio enclosure that no one else could get to.

As for the woman you describe, aren't there anti-cruelty laws there and can't you anonymously report this monster? She should be stopped at once. In many states here, it is a felony to be cruel to animals, punishable by fines and/or jail sentences. I was under the impression that Germany is far more progressive than the u.s. in its humane laws. Can you shed any light on that?
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Hi and welcome to TCS!......

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS hope to see ya around the fourms
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Hi and a warm welcome from Spain - only a hop and skip from Germany !

As you can see, its great here, with lots of advice help and support............oh and we have a bit of fun now and then

You´ve already had some great advice, and I would also endorse the point about trying to keep her in while she recovers. Maybe you have a room that you dont use much that she can rest in ? It wouldnt be a long time and I am sure you´d feel better about keeping her in just while she gets better. Anyway good luck do keep us posted.

Once you get settled maybe you could post some photos We just love photos here

Enjoy the forums !!
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