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Can things hatch from feces??

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Ok this is a nasty subject so I apologize first. I aksed my vet about this yesterday but they didn't seem concerned.

I took a fecal sample from Shadow when I first found bloody stool to show as an example to the vet. Well a week went by and I couldn't get her in until yesterday. So I asked my boyfriend to grab the plastic bag that I had hid that contained the old fecal. Just to show the vet what consistancy (only blood and mucus) she was passing. He said there were little white bugs that looked like rice with legs in the bag! OMG SICK!

I called the vet and they told me to throw it away that they need a fresh fecal anyway and that the bag might have been contaminated AFTER it left Shadow because it wasn't sealed completely and was sitting for a week.

This really makes my stomach weak. I really am sorry for this being so gross but after looking up Giardia and Coccidia on the search engines I can't help but wonder if these parasites hatched and became adults outside of Shadow's body. Is it possible? My vet didn't say anything when I mentioned it to him and I didn't see the "bugs" first hand. I told my boyfriend to get rid of the sample and bugs ASAP and make sure there weren't any more. EWWW! I still can't stomach it.

Maybe I'm a hypocondriac but can this be possible that Shadow has Giardia?
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Probably some flies or other bugs got into the bag and laid eggs, and what you saw were maggots.
Coccidia and Giardia are microscopic parasites, so you wouldn't see them.
http://www.marvistavet.com/html/coccidia.html http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/in...m&word=Giardia
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Whew that was a close one! I was really getting sick over here! And I'm at work so that wouldn't be good. The problem was taken care of. YUCK! Glad it was my boyfriend that cleaned it up. He said the "bugs" were contained in the bag thank goodness.

Thank You for stopping my paranoia before I started to get really ill!!!
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I can sure sympathize with you. I took a fecal sample of one of my kiittens last night and this morning and brought them to the vet only to have him tell me that he needed a "fresh sample" because the "parasites" can change/develop so quickly. Glad you got it resolved though
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Did you keep the stool sample in the fridge? And yes, Giardia and Coccidia are microscopic, and if you didn't notice them when you first took the sample, it's likely not any sort of intestinal worm.

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