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Hello We're new this forum and like everyone else, were looking for the perfect house pet-a cat. We have had cats when our children were growing up and now the children have growen up to adults we need another kitten. We have had some good and bad luck at the animal shelter over the years but you don't know what you get from there (temperment etc.). Looking at possible breeders and was wondering if this a good option also a good website for pics on types of cats. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
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Hi and welcome to the forum!

It's very hard to give you an answer...what kind of temperament, energy level are you looking for and what coat length is acceptable??? There are so many different breeds that you'll have to narrow it down! A good place to start is at cat shows. You can see all the different breeds, colors, types.

Once you've narrowed down to at least your preferred coat length, the you can narrow down your search even more!

heres the link for CFA: http://www.cfa.org

Hope this helps!
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As in temperment we would like a none aggressive cat. We also like the looks of a American short hair.
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What I would do is make a list of the kind of cat/traits you like: for example:

1. Long or short hair?
2. Small, medium, large cat; small is 5-7 lbs, medium is 8-12 and over 12 would be large.
3. Male or female
4. Color
5. Active or more sedate. Active breeds include the siamese, orientals, rex, ocicats, bengals, maine coons. Sedate would be persian, himalayan, and ragdolls. Also the american or british sh's would be less active.

After you've narrowed it down a bit, THEN go looking for the breeds. Also I'd attend a local cat show and see the breeds in person.
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Thanks for your reply and the website we will use these guidlines for to help us make our choice.
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