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My cat is neutered, yet he is constantly after

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the female cat in the neighborhood, especially when she is in heat and yowling on our front porch! Ripley is an indoor kitty, but he sure tries his darndest to get out and get to this certain female cat. I was bringing in groceries and he must have slipped out because I went back out for something and there they were, rolling around together. they weren't fighting but seemed to be, um, sharing.

This cat is owned by someone because she has a collar. But it drives me crazy that she always seems to come to OUR porch when she is in heat and Ripley will stay glued to the window, trying to yowl back at her. What gives? He is fixed so why is he trying to be Romeo????
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My understanding is that even if they are neutered they will still have the instinct to procreate with a female cat in heat.
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How long ago was he neutered? And was he done as a kitten or adult.

Do you know where this female belongs? If so, maybe have a talk to the owners about her (getting her fixed and inside). Just as a warning, females in heat can sometimes trigger neutered pets to spray in the house!
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The cat belongs to the woman across the street, but there is no use talking to her. She isn't quite right, if you know what I mean and is very irresponsible about her animals. She had a male cat that roamed the neighborhood and it wasn't fixed either.
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Are you willing to "capture" her female for a trip to the vet and pay for her spay and then return the cat?

I think if I had the exta money that female would disappear for a few days.

What happened to the male?
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Apparently, it was under the car when the husband went to work and he didn't realize it was there. It was very sad; he was a huge, beautiful black cat with these amazing green eyes! The female looks kind of fat so I was wondering if she was already preggo. She wasn't yowling today but she seems to like Ripley and want to visit with him. When I went out there, Ripley was all friendly and looked surprised when Miss Kitty ran away.

I tried to call her over but she was really skittish. I think my husband would have a cow if I tried to get her spayed and pay for it ourselves. We live on a very tight budget. Around here, $90 is about the cheapest you will find. It does irritate me though, because it is so irresponsible and the cat would be much happier. For some reason, so many people think owning a cat only involves setting some dry cat food and a bit of water out for them every couple days!
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My male, Puddems(neutered since 6 months. Now 6 years.) , Kept trying to mate with my lil' girl Kink when she went thru her first season. She is now spayed. Never want to go thru that again. I had to lock him away. Since then he has been spraying everywhere. He now has his own outdoor enclosure with a fully covered house and lots of levels and his own grassy lawn.
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