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We have three cats. Two are indoor, one is indoor/outdoor. Anyway, things became overwhelming for us and a friend of ours really wanted a cat, soooo we gave him one of our indoor cats and things are going great for him....BUT for us....WOW!! Our other indoor cat has gone nuts. He cries NONE STOP!! ALL Night long. It has only been 5 days since the cat has left. Will our other cat ever stop missing her??? My hubby is about ready to get rid of all cats if he doesn't shut up. It is driving us CRAZY!!!
ANY ADVICE IS HELPFUL......He has NEVER cried like this before.
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Okay explain why things got over whelming in the first place, secondly you need to have more patience with him he has lost his friend. And cats form very strong bonds with one another. And they don't like alot of change. And changing his housemates upsets his way of life. You need to try and play with him alot more and just simply give him time to adjust to loosing his friend.
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I really hate to repeat this, but... he probably won't stop for ages, if ever, and I'd either get his friend back, or get another cat. Some of them just seem to NEED another cat, friend or not(!) and while reintroduction (or new intro) may take time and fights, etc., they'll work it out and he'll shut up again. I've had it happen that the whining goes on for months, all day long, and stops absolutely dead the second another cat shows up - miraculous!
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I'd get the friend back and give your acquaintance the indoor-outdoor cat. Since it's not around all the time, the social bonds might be weaker.
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