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Eye Wipes

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I noticed Marishka's eye has been a little more 'goopy' lately, with brown crusties that I'm wiping off every single day. Because the fur around her eye is white, it is staining it a reddish-brown color. I called the vet, and she assured me that it's probably extra tears from allergies, and staining the fur. So, is there a wipe I can use to clean her eyes out better than I am doing? And should I get something that will help with the tear stains?

Thanks much!
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There are eye drops you can get but they have to be prescribed by a vet and it should be able to counter the allergic reaction. This problem usually happens to persians...

As for the wipe, most would use just cotton wool soaked in warm water to wipe the eyes. If the staining is bad, a visit to the groomers will help with eye stain removers. Otherwise, visit a pet shop, I'm sure you can find stain removers quite easily. Just make sure it's for cats and not dogs!
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Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to do wipes instead of drops just because she is soooo hard to get to stay still for something like that. I swear she knows the difference if I'm just picking her up to hug, or if I've got something to do to her

I saw Crystal Eye at the pet store today, and it said safe for dogs & cats- I might give it a try. Really, I would be okay with the tear stains, but the goopy crusties are just so hard to keep clean, every single day.

I might just call the vet and see about some eye drops if it doesn't clear up soon. Is it just something to counter the allergies?
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It depends on what the vet gives you...some eye drops just ensures no irritation and makes the tears clear - I'm not too sure about this since I have only the one persian...but I have been told by others with persians that there are many different types of eye drops depending on the allergy or irritation
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