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News Update!

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Well i took the fur-babies in at 10am and stayed until 10:30am getting the girls ultra sounds done which was fun . It seems that Faith has around 4-5 kittens, and Lilly has 3 or 4. So there not very big litters thank god . Then i wen't home until they call me to come pick up Danton from getting fixed. I got a call at 11:30pm and he's doing GREAT! So he will be able to go home in an hour or so they want to keep him over until the drugs rub off and he gets another look over to make sure everything wen't well. I had to set up the cat plan pen i just bought for the girl(s). Isn't it CUTE!
The top un-snaps and the door is an easy open. That way i can either keep her in or let her have free range. For the first few days i'm going to keep her in that way the kittens can adjust and everything. But then she can show them around , she likes to go in it she is 59 days so he thinks she will have them VERY soon .

She is doing great on her kitten food and canned food she goes threw the Vension mix's like crazy. Plus the Lamb, so hopefully i will have 5 new borns in a few days.
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Hey, that is just great. Hope all goes smoothly and well and everyone is healthy.
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OOOOooooooh kittens!!

How cool to be able to see the ultrasound... I've never seen that done on a momma cat before (or even a human momma, just the pics!)

Very exciting & I like the new play pen! Are you planning on keeping any of the babies?
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I'm not sure with 6 cats already it might become a tight squeeze with more kittens.
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Naaaaaah! There's always room for more
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lol, i don't think i have enough Sanity left for more kittens.
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That's good news that they aren't having big litters.
That play pen is adorable!!!!
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Your pen looks amazing! I hope all goes well with the birth, keep us posted with words and pictures.
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Yup she's getting really close she is arranging her pen. I put a litter box and such in there so she will get use to it she doesn't mind being in there .
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