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Could she be acting out cause of his hormone changes???

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Hi all!

Ok, so last week LuckyGirl peed in her shoe box. A box that I had given to her to play in. I caught her in the act, but didn't think anything of it cause it's a box, even though it doesn't have litter in it. I thought, well maybe she thinks it's right to be able to go in there too. Well, 2 days ago I caught her peeing in Jazzy's laundry hamper (empty thank God). Now, they LOVE to play in the hamper, cause it's mesh and spring it folds up tiny, but then you open it and it's a full size hamper...there's wire in it. But the hamper was in the same spot the box was in when she peed in the box. And I have NEVER NEVER had a problem with her EVER peeing anywhere other than her box. So, I'm guessing, and hoping you all will tell me I'm right, that maybe this is all cause of Louie's more aggressive manliness? (which will be taken care of on Sat thankfully!!!)

Could it be because Louie is becoming a "man"? He has been really getting aggressive, not mean at all, but more aggressive with her and us. Like, when they play, he can knock her down now, he used to not be strong enough. And they are playing a bit rougher, cause he's bigger now and is emulating her wrestling behaviors. But he will go to her plate to eat off of hers, and she used to growl, but now she'll walk away. And if he jumps onto the small bathroom window where she's sitting she will jump down, where as before she'd make him jump down. Do you think all of this will subside once he gets snipped on Sat? Please say yes. And is Louie slowly becoming the top cat in my house? (I don't know if I like that idea much... ) The other thing he's doing is meowing at the door alot. And he has never been outside at all (outside of a carrier). He has been increasingly devilish and daring (jumping on the counters, a no-no) and wants to play ALL THE TIME.

So what do I do? How do I handle this with LuckyGirl. I just told her no sternly, put her into her litter box, and removed the hamper/shoe box. Then scrubbed the floor area. What is a good way to "discipline" I guess, or to train her it's inappropriate. I'm thinking that the 2 issues are related, cause we've never had an issue before.... anyway, all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you my TCS friends!!!
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I have to say that with the exception of the peeing issue, Ferris and Ginger have VERY much the same relationship developing.

I would strongly suggest that before you view it as a behavioral issue, that you take her to the vet to rule out a possible UTI.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

I would strongly suggest that before you view it as a behavioral issue, that you take her to the vet to rule out a possible UTI.
I couldn't agree more with this... It is very important to rule out a UTI first.
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I am making her an appt anyway for blood work, so I'll check on both. What's the time frame for this? Should I try to get her in this weekend? I'll have to call & check....
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Well, if it were you with the UTI, you'd want immediate relief, wouldn't you?

If it were my Ginger, I wouldn't wait, I'd be taking her to the emergency vet if I had to!
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I would get her checked out right away to be safe. You don't want to prolong getting her in if she is sick, and the longer she goes through it the higher the chances are that she have problems after. For example, I have heard that some kitties have litter box problems even after they have recovered from a UTI. They associate the box with the pain, even though the box isn't the cause... to them it is.
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Ok, I'm having hubby take her in at 3pm today. They want a urine sample.... I said, um she won't even pee if your looking at her! Do any of you know what they will do to her when she goes? This is her 1st trip to the dr. w/o Mommy...and I'm afraid hubby will forget something...he's not good with this kinda thing.
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I don't know, but my guess is they may sedate her a bit to take a sample via catheter. A total guess on my part - call them and ask!

I'm glad you're taking her in today - I'm putting my money on a UTI - keep us posted, please!!!
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ok, she's back from the vets!!! The vet said that they don't want to risk not getting a urine sample, and would rather just treat her for a UTI. It's safer than letting time go by till we have a sample/result. So she got a shot, and meds and was a good girl (except for the needle, she meowed at the dr.). She was happy to have daddy with her (of course he probably just said that to make himself sound good ) If she stops peeing outside the box, it was a UTI. If she keeps peeing outside the box, then I have to bring her back in.... and she has to go back in for a follow up visit in a few weeks. Thank GOD you guys told me to take her....I didn't think peeing outside the box would be such a big possible ordeal. I thought it was simply her being upset with Louie & his aggression....whew...I can only handle one kitty emergency per day....and tomorrow it's Louie's turn. Thanks ladies!
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It's great that you (or hubby) took her in. Always better safe than sorry.

After reading your post where it says the hamper was in the same place as the box where she peed, maybe there was still a lingering scent or smell even if you cleaned the spot thoroughly? Cats will return to and pe over and over in a spot that has that scent.

Wishing you the best of luck!
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I am glad she is back from the vet and doing well! Hopefully things clear up real soon
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Cool beans. Keep us posted, promise?
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Well, so far so good...there has been no additional pee that I can smell/see/find....but she does not like taking her pills...I've found it easier to put it in her food, then to make sure she eats what's on her plate than to try to get her to actually take the pill itself.... but I'll keep you all posted. She was doing soooo good with Louie over the weekend. She stood watch over him while he was out cold from the surgery. And even when he was trying to attack her, she'd just walk away and not fight him back (he was being a little bugger too...) She's such a good girl...
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