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Window Pet Doors

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Greetings All,

New poster here. I have a quick question. We're moving into a new house and trying to find the best method to let Tasha have access to the outdoors w/o requiring my intervention.

I've been looking at cat flaps for the window instead of the door and wanted to know if anyone's used them? If they have - how sucessful were they and what did they have to construct around the window to make it accessible? I'm assuming the cat is not going to leap through the window flap. I'm assuming its going to need perches on both sides...

Any suggestions would be great!!
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Have you considered the safety of using those? Anyone passing by could see it more obviously than one low down on a door, and see it as a way to get into your house (once they'd broken the frame down). Plus, have you considered using the move as an obvious time to turn your cat into a (safe and healthy) house cat for good? And what's the traffic like there? Is your cat likely to try and 'go home' if she's let out of the new house within a month or so (maybe longer...)?
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We have one that we put in a cellar window for our last cat, so that he could come and go at will (he was a feral for many years). The window is recessed about five inches, so we didn't need anything outside, and simply put a table under the window inside.
I would suggest that you get a flap with a "key" for your cat's collar. I often used to have six or seven extra mouths waiting for breakfast when I went down in the morning to feed Straycat.
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