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NOT real sure what to do!!

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Hello all...

So Angel has gotten back to normal.. She doesn't have the real bad diahrrea that she once had.. Stress induced diahrrea from trying to change her dry food.. It's gotten much better now.. BUT,, last night I fed them soft food,, whiskas pouch of Chicken & Gravy.. Well someone got diahrrea again,, I think it was angel,, I don't think it was Chestnut.. But I'm not 100% sure,, because we were sleeping, when my husband woke up he noticed he had it all of his leg.. He wasn't happy... But he got in the shower, and I stripped the bed..

Now, i'm thinking should I change their soft food to like Iams, or stay away from chicken... I've been staying away from tuna or fish.. I just don't know what to give them... Should I give them strictly fancy feast,, or Iams??

Please help me.. i don't know what to do... I live really far away from a pet store,, so I have to buy what you can get in Krogers, or Wal-Mart.. So I can't feed them nutro, or science diet, or anything like that. I want to get it fixed right away,, because we are picking up Seren (new cat) this Sunday....

Thanks for your advice.
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I think sometime you have to introduce new foods slowly, so if they were eating dry and then you gave the a dish of wet, someone probably was a real pig and got the diarea. Iams or fancy feast sound like your best choices, maybe you could order stuff online, but the shipping wopuld probably be expensive. Do you have a trader Joes, their food is good, not too expensive.
After all the diarea stops, just give them a teaspoon full each of the wet, and increase slowly from there, providing no one has diarea.
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