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Spoiled Already??

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Ok...Pumpkin has only been living inside our house since Monday evening. He was a stray before he adopted us! I started him out on just cheapo dry catfood when I was feeding him outside. Then I added in Authority dry cat & canned food (That's Petsmarts brand name food) Which he seemed to love. After reading the post here I decided he deserved the name brand food...So I went out and bought Nutro Max Cat Gourmet Classics adult canned food. I put the Salmon & Whitefish Entree in his bowl last night.....Pumpkin put his face down to the bowl and walked away....I left it out all night but he never touched it....but did eat his dry food. So this morning I threw that away cleaned out his bowl and put in the California Chicken Supreme Dinner. He walked over to his bowl after watching me open the can and did the exact same thing. These are both kind of chunky style food rather then the grounded up styles. Could that be the problem or have I already spoiled a Stray cat in less then a week??? Any suggestions?
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Sometimes I give Chynna some canned food and I notice that she doesn't care much for the cubed kind; she much prefers the ground up one. The other day Abby who won't eat anything but her w/d Feline dry food even ate a heaping tablespoon of the ground up canned food.

If your kitty prefers dry food, just give him dry food. There is nothing wrong with your kitty if he doesn't want to eat canned food. Not all cats like canned food. Probably cheaper for you anyway to feed him dry
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Some cats just do not like change. And some are just picky eaters. I have one little foster who I was really worried about because all she would eat was the adult dry food. Then one day I put down Friskies new Shredded beef and she really went to town and she had decided that the other Friskies shredded flavors are okay too. But she wont touch the loaf style at all.
I would go back to what Pumpkin is used to eating as long as he is doing well.
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I would try a few different brands and textures of wet food. A wet food diet is much better for kitty. If you are feeding a good quality food you will find the cat doesn't eat as much since they are getting all the nutrition they need in less of the better food than the dry food full of fillers. Dry food is also very high in carbohydrates and can cause kitty to be overweight.

Another thing you might try is to mix a little bit of the wet food in with the dry. If your cat eats that, then try adding a little more each time.
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None of my cats care for the Nutro wet foods. It took a long time, but I finally got them off of Friskies and on to better quality canned such as California Natural, Felidae, Pet Guard and Wysong.

Since I finally got them switched from the cheap dry food, (it was a struggle), they are pretty flexible on all the drys I have tried.

I'd try mixing his old brand with the new to see if you can do the switch over time. Also try some other brands and styles. Chunks of anything doesn't go over well here either. I have a pate' crew.

As far as spoiling, I've found cats can often be more diligent in their training of us than we are with them.
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Can anyone suggest a GOOD brand that does not come in the chunk style. Is there a way to tell if it's chunks or non chunk from reading the can???
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Wellness is a really good one and it isn't chunk style.It's the mush like consistantcy.Mine LOVE it!!! Our Petsmart sells it for .99 a can.
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Generally if a food isn't labled as a specific style cut then it will be the ground, (pate' style).

Some of the different descriptions of the way the food is cut would be...


Bite Size Pieces
Special Cuts

I'm sure there are more, but can't think of them right now.
Maybe someone else can extend the list.

When I have gotten bites that they won't eat, I smash everything up with a fork real good so they won't just eat the gravy and leave the food.

Good luck with finding a good food they will like.
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Meow mix is a decent to good one that is cheap and most I would call shredded..

Here are the approved brands via Kandie

Nutro( the salmon chowder , veal pate and the oceanfish only , plus the chunked max pouches on occation)

California natural

Innova( only occationally

Merrick ( california roll and thanksgiving dinner )

Eagle pack ( the blue and pink labels )

Pro pac in beef

Natural life ( available at many Walmarts ) the chn and oceanfish... My girls dont get lamb

Natures prarie

Kiwi peak ( this one had my normally dry eater running in)

Authority ( senior and catfish)

Iams ( new chin and new beef)

Natural balence ( on occation)

Evangers( shell eat the pheasent , mackeral and some of the dog ( she has CRF so dog is okay)

Sensible choice( unsure if made anymore)

Wysongs Au jus in beef

Solid Gold the tuna and the blue label
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