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New Foster

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There is a new foster in our house. Shadow had his yearly exam at the vet on Wed and while we were there a couple of road construction guys came in with this little black fur ball. They found him in a drainage pipe near where they were working. They looked around for any other kittens or a momma cat but could find so sign. After checking him out my vet asked me if there was room at my house for one more - - which of course there always is. So "Spook" came home with Shadow and I.


and snuggled with Brother Bear...(almost another Me & Mini ME)

My vet figures he is about 5 weeks and didn't show any health problems.
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Oh he is just darling...............keep those pics coming of him!!!
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Oh, well done! and well done construction work guys!

A little life found a new home.
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Oh he is CUTE!!! What do you have the kitties in in the second pic?
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OMG - he's absolutely adorable!
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He's a DOLL
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